6 Ecommerce Companies with Great Email Newsletter Campaigns

6 Ecommerce Companies with Great Email Newsletter Campaigns
6 Ecommerce Companies with Great Email Newsletter Campaigns

Email marketing can feel like a drag sometimes. You know it?s important for your ecommerce business, but it can often feel repetitive and stale. Do you really have to email your list every week? What are you going to say next?

The following brands know the answer to that question. Following their lead can help you get out of your slump (or started on the right track if you?re still in the ecommerce builder stage) so you can engage with your customers and earn their loyalty as a result.

Even if you?re not interested in these companies? products, you might want to sign up to these lists just for the emails. They?re that good. Here are six ecommerce companies with great email newsletter campaigns:

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club plays it cool when it comes to emails. They don?t try the hard sell. Instead, they just offer you free stuff. That?s right. Dollar Shave Club will check in with you every now and then and ask if you?d like free samples to go with your shaving products. You can say yes with one click. Now that?s a brand confident in their products!


Express has mastered the art of a simple, direct subject line. They don?t try to keep you guessing or entice you with ambiguous language. Often it?s something as simple as ?Shirt Sale: All Shirts Are BOGO $29.99.? See? Straight to the point.

Express is also a retail brand that segments their list by gender when possible. A woman might be thrilled to get an email about a skirt sale, while a man (probably) isn?t interested. Segmenting your audience helps make your message more relevant and improves open and click-through rates.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is an ecommerce store that offers many different products. Their emails highlight the extent of their collection, but in a way that feels more like a curated Pinterest board than an email newsletter.

They accomplish this through excellent photography, stylish typography, and links to product categories. Even with so much imagery, Uncommon Goods emails are perfectly mobile friendly. With so many people checking emails on the go, your newsletters should be mobile friendly too!


Chubbies is a well-known clothing brand that specializes in men?s shorts and cheeky marketing. Their emails are definitely on-brand and packed with humor, witty copy, and user-generated content. Subscribers enjoy reading emails from Chubbies even if they?re not interested in buying then and there. The emails are just fun, entertaining, and a joy to read.


Don?t subscribe to AirBbB?s email list unless you want a serious case of wanderlust. They send emails full of destinations they think you?ll like. And they?re usually pretty convincing with beautiful photography and simple calls to action. If you haven?t traveled in a while, they?ll get you on the road again. If you have a trip coming up, they?ll tempt you to extend it a few days. Thanks a lot, AirBnB!


STORQ is a small ecommerce shop that sells maternity clothes and accessories. They don?t carry a whole lot of products, so they offer a curated experience for their email list instead of repetitive product promotions. Each email newsletter they send is full of relevant, curated content related to pregnancy and parenthood. Simply put, they share cool stuff they think their audience would appreciate. And you know what? It works!

There you have it. Email newsletters don?t have to be boring or repetitive. The best ecommerce companies keep things fresh and exciting with their subscribers. You can too! The key is to stay on brand. Be quirky, creative, sleek, modern, fancy, whatever your brand is, let it shine in your emails. It?s just another way for your customers to get to know you, and that?s the start of a beautiful relationship.

Do you use email newsletter marketing for your business?

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