When Budgeting, Little Amounts Add Up with Apps Like Qmee


BudgetingBudgeting is a lot like life. If you try to swallow it all in one bite, you?ll choke. But if you take a micro-view of budgeting and think of it as something you do little by little, day by day, you?re more likely to get your spending under control and see success living by a budget.

When you hear someone talk about how hard it is to live by a budget or read a book on budgeting, it?s easy to feel overwhelmed and want to give up before you?ve even really gotten started. Instead of seeing it as a massive undertaking, learn to look at budgeting as a lot of little things. When you do, you?ll be surprised to see how the little things add up. A coffee here; a dinner there; going out to lunch a couple times a week; even something as mundane as forgetting your sunglasses at home and opting to buy a cheap new pair instead of going without or going back home adds up.

All of the things listed here are little, but when taken together they add up to unhealthy spending habits that can work against us or hinder us from achieving the financial goals we?ve set for ourselves.

What Little Things Can Add Up For You?

In addition to the aspects already discussed, there are ways you can make money, that over time, will add up to real money in your bank account. One of those ways is through something called loyalty searching. If you haven’t heard of it, loyalty searching is getting paid to click on search results that you would have already likely clicked on anyways. As someone who’s on the computer 12+ hours a day everyday conducting literally countless searches on everything under the sun, I see the value in earning incremental amounts of money to do what I would already be doing anyway.

One of these loyalty searching programs is called?Qmee. It’s?a free search-loyalty, cash-reward browser app?that is installed easily into any major browser. The way it works is simple. You sign up, install it and continue searching as you normally would. Whenever you type in a search function that Qmee has a relevant search result for, that result or results will appear to the left of your normal search results. If you click on one of the Qmee results, you earn a little bit of money.

little things add up

Essentially anytime you do a search using a browser such as Google or Yahoo, if Qmee has relevant results to your search, the app pulls up these results and they will appear on your screen in addition to the results you would normally see.

Each click on a Qmee search result that matches what you?re looking for will earn you between 4 and 14 cents typically and the payments are made in actual currency to your PayPal account. A typical user will collect about $5 per month. That?s $60 of free money per year just for doing what you usually do!

It?s just another example of something small you can do that over time adds up to more money in your pocket.


Have you ever tried Qmee, or would you use it to earn a little extra money??How much time do you normally spend online each day?

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  1. John, I agree with you. Let saving be taken slowly but surely. When it is slow, it feels like you cover every major as well as minor details of everything. Though I can’t get immediate results, still I know my strategy guarantees the results I’d like to get. I would check Qmee out. Merry Christmas John!

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