4 Ways Being Overworked Can Kill Your Productivity

4 Ways Being Overworked Can Kill Your Productivity

4 Ways Being Overworked Can Kill Your ProductivityThere are all types of employees in the workforce. Some love what they do, some like what they do, some work to live and others live to work.

You have worker bees who scurry to get everything done for the queen (or king) bees, and grasshoppers who pretend to work, while the ant continues strong every day.

You may relate to any of the above scenarios, no matter which of these fits you, the truth is, anyone can become overworked.?Hard work is great, but everyone needs to recharge their batteries at some point.

Here are four ways being overworked can kill your productivity.

You Feel Too Stressed

When one is?overworked, it’s easy to stress out about everything and wonder if anything is getting done at all. Plus, stress does weird things to the human body. For instance, stress can make you sick. The more times you are sick and away from the office, the more times you are not being productive.?The better choice is to take time off now and then to re-charge.

You Feel Resentment

Working too much, especially if you don’t enjoy your job, can start to build up resentment. This resentment can be toward the company, the manager and even other employees. Resentful employees don?t work at their best, and thus, are not as productive.

You’re Afraid of Taking a Vacation

The stats are staggering when it comes to how many employees don?t take some, or any, of their vacation time in the United States. Americans have a strong work ethic, but it can often?be carried too far.

When surveyed, these employees said they felt that their office couldn?t go on without them there, or they were afraid they would be reprimanded for taking time off.

But, if you don?t take the time to get away from the office, your productivity will go down. On the other hand, if?you do take a vacation, you may not really relax because you are still worried about the office. So, it can become a catch-22.

You’re Working for that Performance Bonus

You might think that being overworked would be good for your evaluations and that it shows you are a good worker. You think it might help you get a raise. But, that?s not necessarily the case. Too heavy of a workload can have you missing deadlines, giving subpar client support and lowering your productivity. Thus, being overworked is usually reflected poorly on your evaluations.

There are some times where everyone has to work an extra shift or take on a couple of projects in a pinch. But, you shouldn?t ever feel like you?won?t see the light of day because of work.

Try talking to your manager, or see how you can better manage your time. If you’re the manager, your job is to make sure you aren?t overworking your staff.


Have you ever felt overworked? How did it affect your productivity? How did you overcome this problem?


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  1. I have learned that managing expectations helps a lot with managing stress. It allows you to understand what your manager expects and gives you the opportunity to voice your expectations too. When I know something is due, I update my manager a day or two before – just to let them know I am track to finish as scheduled or if I run into an issue. This has really helped me with my workload and kept my stress levels down

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