Alternative Options for Selling your Property

selling your propertyWhen it comes to selling your property, tradition might dictate to us that we use a high priced real estate agent and just play the waiting game ? so to speak. However, this isn?t the only option for you to consider if you want to sell; there are actually plenty of other ways and means that might actually suit you and your lifestyle much better.

Here we take a look through some of these such options so you can weigh which could be the best choice for you.

Selling at Auction

You can sell your home at a property auction if you?re wanting a quick sale. While there?s commission charges and fees for having your property held in the auction, you can set a reserve before that must be met before a sale can be agreed. What?s more, with a bit of luck you might even get more money than you thought if there?s a lot of interest in your lot.

Going Online Independently

There?s nothing to stop you from selling your home independently online. There are many different platforms for you to do this and in some cases you can even download smartphone apps that let you take pictures and showcase your property all from the palm of your hand.

For Sale By Owner

Another option you can pursue independently is for sale by owner. It might be more difficult to sell your home by yourself with this method, but if you aren?t in a hurry to sell it?s a good option. When you sell your home yourself you can avoid paying a lot of ?finder?s fees? and commission.

A Property Swap

Another online-based option is to scour forums and look for people looking to buy or sell with similar respective needs and carryout a property swap. The logistics of this might sound a little challenging but there are now dedicated sites for people looking for such deals. A positive to this choice is that there?s no middleman involved and you don?t have to pay any fees or have someone else managing the sale of your property on your behalf. This is definitely an option that wasn’t around for sellers to consider just a few years ago.

Cash Buyers

One method is to only offer the property to cash buyers, which as you might have guessed can be almost an instant transaction if they?re willing to pay the money up front. There?s also online companies which can offer the same services, which again cut out the need for mortgage meetings, added fees and delays in waiting for funds.

So, if you do want to try something a little different selling your house or flat then be sure to consider some of the above instead of picking up the phone and calling a real estate agent right away. When you use these tools, you may well enjoy the quick sale you?re looking for, giving you more breathing space to move and find your new home without having to be in a rush.


Have you ever considered these options for selling your?property?


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