6 Tips for House Hunting

house huntingLooking for a new home can feel like an overwhelming task if you?re not sure where to start first. Fortunately,?there are some things you can do to make finding a home an easier process, and help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes. Here are six tips to help you get started.

Determine a Target Price

Before talking with your bank, you need to know that most of them require a down payment before they will approve a home loan. However, if you have a good paying, steady job and a good credit history, you should be able to get a larger loan requiring a lower down payment. With this information you should be able to determine about how much money you have available to purchase a house.

Figure Out Your Requirements

Do you need a three bedroom home? What about a master bathroom or a garage? As you decide what features your new house must have, jot them down. If you have a spouse or children, find out what their needs are as well. If the houses for sale in Sydney are the only ones you are interested in, make that a top priority on your list of must haves. Knowing this ahead of time can speed up your process considerably by weeding out the homes that just don?t fit your needs.

Look for Problem Areas

Don?t let the weather keep you from viewing homes. Sometimes leaks or other problems become apparent when you are viewing a home during inclement weather. Inspect any home you are seriously interest in with a careful eye. It?s also wise to have your home professionally inspected to prevent you from finding problems later that are expensive to have fixed.

Focus on the Big Things

Many times when you turn on the television to a show about house hunting you see a prospective buyer making comments about hating the paint color or the light fixtures: These features can be changed at very little expense in comparison to the purchase price of the home. What you need to pay attention to are the things that can?t be changed, at least not without great expense, such as the layout of the home or the number of bathrooms. These are the real deal breakers.

Make Notes

As you tour the homes you have an interest in, take pictures and make notes of anything you may want to ask about later. Doing so can really help you narrow down your list to the one house you want to make an offer on.

Review Before you Sign

Go over everything carefully with your agent, if you have one, before you sign any legal documents. If you are not using an agent, make doubly sure you know exactly what you are signing so nothing is missed. Asking for clarification because you don?t understand something does not make you unintelligent. Instead, it makes you smart for asking about it.

Once you have followed the 6 tips for house hunting, had all of the required inspections, and filled out the proper paperwork, you are ready to sign the dotted line. Congratulations on your new home.


Did you use these steps to help you with house hunting?


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