6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Personal Finance

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Want to keep in touch with personal finance gurus on Twitter?

Twitter plays a key role in connecting industry experts with a common man who without the help of Twitter would never have a chance to chat with them. With the integration of technology with finance, the world of personal finance becomes fickle. It has become imperative to stay in touch with the latest trends in the market.

Here are the 6 best Twitter accounts to learn about Personal Finance

1. Chonce Maddox- @MyDebtEpiphany


Chonce is a personal finance expert and professional writer based in Chicago. Her Twitter profile is based on her blog mydebtepiphany.com where she shares expert knowledge on personal finance to millennials and Generation Z(notably, recent college grads and want-to-be entrepreneurs). Check out her Twitter account and blog for tips on budgeting, generating passive income, and life advice in general.

2. Financial Samurai- @financialsamura


I have been a huge fan of @financialsamura for a long time now. It is one of the oldest and the most resourceful Twitter accounts and personal finance blogs of all time. The Twitter page @financialsamura is based on a personal finance blog financialsamurai.com by Sam Dogen. Sam is a stay-at-home-dad, a former football coach, and also writes about financial independence.

3. For Real Life Stories- @TheBillfold


@TheBillfold may not have millions of followers on Twitter but he sure does have an interesting story to share. In 2011, Bill emailed the CEO of the Bank of America, Brian Moynihan regarding his late payment of Credit Card bill and explained to him how the unfriendly user interface of bank’s website was the cause for late payment. Two days later, Brian took action by discounting Bill’s late fee. Bill still raves about this incident even after 8 years have passed.

4. Quick and Dirty Tips- @quickdirtytips


@quickdirtytips is a personal finance/life advice blog run by the vice president, Kathy Doyle. This Twitter page is popular for its unique content related to career, money management, nutrition, health, and other similar topics. It is not just a personal finance page. Moreover, it is one of the rare personal finance podcasts that talks on how health, relationships and daily routine affects your ability to make and manage money.

5. Ramit Sethi- @ramit


Ramit Sethi is an American entrepreneur and a writer of the bestselling book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. On his Twitter page @ramit tweets about the latest happenings in his life and dates for his live events. Recently, Ramit and his wife hosted a fundraiser in NYC for families separated at the border. Such events bring him closer to his readers and social media followers.

6. Dave Ramsey- @DaveRamsey


The list “best Twitter accounts to learn about personal finance” would be incomplete without the mention of @DaveRamsey. He is the author of seven national best selling books on personal finance. Everyone knows how freely Dave interacts with his listeners on his YouTube channel The Dave Ramsey Show. To get more personalized advice you can shoot a text on his Twitter account. Dave replies to almost everyone having a decent query.


In the future, when you are browsing through the above-mentioned profiles, make sure you take notes. Every personal finance guru has something unique to offer, instead of following one profile, I want you to seek advice from several sources. By doing this, you will also prevent yourself from getting scammed or misled.

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