5 Tips for Getting your House Ready to Sell

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If you are decided to finally move on to a new home– may be in a new city– these tips on getting your house ready to sell will help you take the next step. Realtors will be inviting the potential home buyers to your house for a tour or visit. Buyers like to spend some time in the home and inspect some basic things like spatial distribution and the general energy of your home. Your job as a home seller is to make them comfortable and assist them in making a good decision.

Here are 5 tips for getting your house to sell for a great price.

1) Always hire a realtor

Always work with realtors who are members of the real estate organization called the National Association of REALTORS?. They are trustworthy, ethical and will get you a great price for your home. Consulting a real estate agent is the most important tip for getting your house to sell at a good price. Drive around in your area and talk to several realtors before picking a suitable one.

2) Get your home in good condition

There is a lot more science that goes in when it comes to getting your house ready to sell. You have to capture the buyer’s attention and make them aware of the features of your house. I am not asking you to lie or deceive a buyer but ask any realtor and they will tell you the importance of staging before you sell. People like to quickly judge things based on their external appearance. So, having good plumbing, electricals, a large front space, a lawn, etc, is a good thing, but to get a good price, you also would want it to look great.

3) Research your local housing market

Before consulting a real estate agent, it is wise to do your own research on the housing rates in your area. You can go sites like realtor.org to check out prices of homes like yours. Offline research is equally important. So, if you are not in a hurry to sell your house, you can visit local real estate trade shows. A trade show is one of the best places to find information for the local real housing market.

4) Depersonalize your space

Since you have already decided to move out of your home soon, you can begin packing your personal items such as family photos and any religious items from your living room. our living room is where the buyer is going to be spending most of their time when they come to see the place. Moreover, turn down the volume of television or radio and let the buyer focus on buying checklist. This is also an important tip for getting your house ready to sell.

5) Set the right price

Figure out what the average selling price of other similar homes is. You can you get 20-30 percent more amount by selling your home to the right buyer. The right buyer is a person who is looking for a house like you and are willing to pay extra for it. If your house doesn’t have any unique features like a big lawn, backyard, a large basement, children’s play area, etc, then be happy getting the average market rate.


Remember that a buyer wants a house with least or no repair or maintenance issues. They want to walk into their new home and get on with their life. So, repair and fix all the issues that might exist in your house. Likewise, when you get rid of large items like a sofa or cupboard from your living room, your home is going to feel a lot larger and spacious to the buyer. Put all large items in your garage or in the basement.

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