5 Helpful Email Hacks To Help You Be More Productive

5 Helpful Email Hacks To Help You Be More Productive

5 Helpful Email Hacks To Help You Be More ProductiveIf you’re an entrepreneur who has spent countless hours managing e-mail accounts, there is a good chance you have become fed up with the process and are in search of some useful hacks. It’s only natural as email can be a big distraction, preventing you from making progress in your business. Once you’ve made use of an e-mail verification system such as correct.email, you’ll need to follow these to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time.

Unsubscribe From Unnecessary E-Mail Chains

If you find yourself on a number of e-mail newsletter lists and these lists are not bringing any added value to your existence but are actually causing you to waste a great deal of time, there is nothing wrong with unsubscribing. Thanks to Unroll.me, you now have the ability to remove yourself from a number of different lists, quickly and easily. The less e-mails that you have to sift through each day, the more time you have at your disposal to take care of the things that are truly important to your company’s long term future!

Follow The One Click Rule

When you open a new e-mail, you need to institute the one click rule. Once the e-mail has been opened, you have three very simple choices: you can either reply or forward the e-mail, archive it for later usage or delete it entirely. If you are closing e-mails and coming back to them at a later date, you are only creating additional stress over the long haul.

Keep Your E-Mails Brief

Another great rule of thumb to follow is the “3 sentences rule“. When you are replying to an e-mail that is of importance, it is best to keep things brief and concise. If the response you are typing is going to be any longer than three sentences, take this as a sign that you need to be picking up the phone to call the person in question and speak with them directly.

Utilize a Project Management System

This software is a great addition to your company, as it allows you to remain focused on the projects that are truly important, instead of spending all of your time on e-mails. A project management system serves to remove the clutter from your inbox and ensures that you are able to remain fully focused and on point at all times. There are lots of project management systems out there, so find the one that works well for your business model. If one doesn’t suit you, there are others out there that might.

Keep Your To Do List Separate From Your Inbox

Combining your daily to do list with your inbox may seem like a smart idea to consolidate tasks, but in reality, you are simply adding more clutter to your schedule. Find a different method for successfully managing your workflow. It could be something as a notepad that is kept at your work station or even a mobile app that will be able to create the to do list on your behalf.

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