5 Fun Ways to Make Extra Money Anyone Can Do

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picWe could all use a bit of extra cash, right? But most of us don?t have the time to get another job, or may be finding getting one difficult. Maybe you need some extra income generally, or perhaps you just want to save up for something and need to get the cash together quickly. Regardless, here are a few fun ideas for how you can make extra money.

Losing Weight

For a start, many of us struggle with losing weight and getting fit. But what if there was a financial incentive? That?s right, there are websites where you can actually make money from your weight loss. All you need to do is set a wager on how much you?re going to lose, and when you real your target, you will win back cash!

Checking Email and Taking Surveys

You can also pick up some extra money simply by reading your emails and listening to the radio. That?s right! Loads of websites will offer to pay you simply for reading emails from advertisers, listening to the radio and taking surveys. Of course, this may sound a bit too good to be true, and in many cases you?re actually right ? a lot of these sites aren?t very efficient for raising money. However, some of them offer a way to make a little extra cash, so make sure you shop around and maybe look up some review sites so you can get the best profits.

Playing Bingo

A very fun way to make money is by playing on online casino and bingo sites. On these sites, you simply sign up and play bingo games to win cash. Most of the games cost money to play, however, you can make some real profits if you do it right. Different sites offer different deals; for example, some sites will offer free bonus cash on sign up, or else opportunities to take part in free bingo games. Plus, a lot of the bigger sites will run games with huge jackpots and chances to profit. Overall, playing on online bingo sites can be a very profitable experience, so why not have a go on one yourself? Make sure you read plenty of reviews and do your homework so you can be sure that you?re getting the very best deals available.

Searching the Internet

Which search engine do you use? Whether your answer is Google, Bingo, Yahoo or any of the other more popular search engines, you might find that you might want to switch to an altogether more profitable option, like SendEarnings or Swagbucks. Send Earnings will actually pay you for making a search on their search engine. All you have to do is search for things with them, as you would on Google, and they will grant you credits! These credits can then be added on to gift cards to be used on stores such as Amazon.

Watching TV

Finally, you can even pick up money simply by answering questions?about your favorite TV show! Through sites such as RewardTV you will be paid cash if you can answer questions about the most recently aired episode. All you need to do is have watched the most recent episode and be able to remember a few simple facts about it. There isn?t a lot of money to be made from the service, but it?s still a very fun and easy way to win money while also allowing you to indulge in the things you love!

An app like Swagbucks lets you earn points for watching short videos, which you can then redeem for giftcards to your favorite stores.

Finally, sometimes TV streaming companies like Netflix hire people to watch TV and help categorize videos. What better side hustle is there?!

These are just a few fun ways in which you can easily earn yourself some extra money without too much effort. Why not try out a few of them yourself? Have fun!

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