4 Summer Jobs to Teach Kids the Value of Money

4 Summer Jobs to Teach Kids the Value of Money

4 Summer Jobs to Teach Kids the Value of MoneyIt can be hard to teach kids the value of money. When kids are young, they don?t have any concept of money ? the food just shows up on the table, and the roof just stays over their heads.

As they get older, kids might have an increased awareness of the importance of money, but only as it pertains to their world. For instance, if they want a new toy, they may know that they need to save their allowance for a couple weeks.

Once kids move into their high school years, it becomes more and more important to teach them about the value of money. Of course, one of the best ways to do just that is to send them out into the working world.

Having your child get a part-time job ? or a full-time job in the summer ? is a great way for them to learn how to handle a paycheck. Below are four possible summer jobs which could provide your child with a real-world financial education.

1. Fast Food

This is sort of the ?classic? summer job for a teenager. While it might not be particularly exciting to sell burgers and fries, this type of job will be a good introduction to the working world. Your child will be responsible for their shifts, and he or she will have to learn to work as part of a team. These types of businesses are also used to employing teenagers, so they are comfortable providing flexible schedules that can work around any other commitments your child may have.

2. Work at a Golf Course

Most golf courses hire seasonal workers for the summer, as the nice weather usually keeps the course busy from June through September (or so). There are a variety of indoor and outdoor roles for teenagers to play at a golf course, from taking money at the counter to cleaning up the driving range and more. Kids who are into sports and like to spend time outside will take naturally to this type of job.

3. Landscaping

This is another outdoor job which is good for kids who have plenty of energy to burn. Landscaping, much like golf, is an industry which picks up in the summer, so these jobs are not too difficult to find in most cases. Some landscaping jobs require early mornings and long hours, which are great for teaching the value of hard work and determination.

4. Lifeguard

We finish our list with another ?classic? summer job. Working at the local community pool or other location as a lifeguard is a great choice for a number of reasons. There is obviously a lot of responsibility in this kind of role, which may cause your child to step up and be a leader. Also, spending the summer outside near the water is a nice way to earn a paycheck. Of course, there are certifications required for this type of work, so planning in advance will be necessary.

Making kids get summer jobs is a great way for them to learn the value of money and give them a head start on saving money for the future.


Do your kids work at summer jobs? What are their summer jobs?


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  1. “Making kids get summer jobs is a great way for them to learn the value of money and give them a head start on saving money for the future.”

    Amen to that! Far too many kids will be sitting around watching TV and playing video games this summer. Working has SO MANY benefits. They need to get out and work. (Plus have some downtime to enjoy of course.)

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