4 Sneaky Ways Advertising Gets Us to Spend More

4 Sneaky Ways Advertising Gets Us to Spend More

4 Sneaky Ways Advertising Gets Us to Spend MoreIn the modern world, we are all subjected to nearly constant advertising on a day to day basis.

Watching TV? You are going to see ads.

Browsing the web on your computer, or on your phone? Again, more ads.

Driving down the street in your home town? Ads, ads, ads, all along the side of the road.

No matter where you turn, there is a business vying for your attention.

Most of us think that this constant stream of advertising is unsuccessful ? that the businesses paying for the ads are wasting their money. We are wrong.

Advertising is highly effective, which is why so many billions of dollars are spent in this arena every year. Even if you don?t notice on a conscious level, you are just as susceptible to advertising as everyone else.

Of course, these ads can have an impact on your monthly budget if you aren?t careful. The following list includes four ways in which advertising gets us to spend more money than we would have otherwise.

Emphasizing Premium Models/Packages/Products

When you see an ad, you are rarely going to see the cheapest product option available from a company. The automotive industry is the perfect example of this technique.

When you see a TV commercial for a new car with amazing features, do you think those features come with the base model? Of course not. However, the price stated on the screen will represent the base model, even though that was not the car you just saw on the commercial. If you head to the dealership to look into this vehicle, the price you are quoted will be something entirely different.

The Upsell

This is a classic advertising and marketing technique, and it works incredibly well.

For instance, when you pull up to the drive-thru at your local fast food restaurant, there will be a menu board which is essentially advertising all of the food available. In addition, there will be ?extra? offers, such as increasing the size of your fries and drink for a small price.

Those upsells can have a huge impact on the bottom line of an organization, and they can damage your wallet as well.

Creating Peer Pressure

If you think that peer pressure is something which went away after you left high school, you can think again. Advertising frequently uses peer pressure as a way to get into your bank account.

Clothing companies are particularly adept at giving you the impression that you need to have certain types of clothes in order to keep up with your neighbors. To stay on budget as the months go by, you need to be able to ignore this type of advertising.

Playing to Your Kindness

Those who have kids know what this is all about. When a company pictures a family playing together happily thanks to a given product, they are trying to make you feel bad for not giving your family that same experience. Don?t fall for this trick ? there are plenty of ways to have a great time with your kids without pulling out your credit card for an unnecessary purchase.


Have you fallen for any of these sneaky advertising tricks?


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  1. Yes, good marketing can be very persuasive!

    If we didn’t have TVs or Internet, our spending habits would be VERY different. Without the influence of advertising, we’d likely stick to buying just what we need. What a concept, right? 🙂

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