3 Top Tools to Help Pre-empt Forex Market Movements

coins-948603_640The forex markets are highly unpredictable and can appear to change within an instant. To the uninitiated, such movements can seem entirely spontaneous, but this is not the case at all. In fact, unravelling the forex markets is closer to formulating a scientific rule of cause and effect than it is to being dealt a lucky hand of cards, which makes it eminently possible to stack the odds in your favor. Plus?the foreign exchange remain relatively consistent.

For most traders, deciphering the intricacies of the forex markets will be achieved by using the tools that your broker has provided, but these are not your only resources. Indeed, there are many ways to pre-empt imminent movements. Here are three to get you started with investing in forex.

#1: Economic Calendars

The forex markets are driven by a wide variety of influences, and foremost among these are the financial decisions made by major banks and governments around the world. Clearly, knowing when one of these decisions is about to come into play will prove helpful to the on-the-ball trader, and this is where economic calendars are invaluable. Widely available from brokers and other online sources free of charge, these handy tools detail any financial events that are expected to influence the forex markets, so that you can pre-empt the resultant movements rather than just reacting to them.

#2: The News and Current Affairs

It’s not only financial events and occurrences that impact the forex markets; natural disasters, social and political upheaval, and conflict can all play a part in influencing the value of a currency. The fallout from this should be obvious to you: that you need to stay up-to-date on current affairs which might affect your pairings. The news, media publications, and any other information you can find on such happenings can thus prove incredibly useful when it comes to laying the groundwork for the storms to come.

#3: Commentaries

Although newspapers and other media resources are informative, they’re unlikely to provide information specifically relating to your currency pairings, and this is where online commentaries have the advantage. Specifically focused on reporting issues that might impact currency combinations, along with the perceived future effects on them, they can help inexperienced traders to gain insights that they simply don’t have the knowledge or experience to formulate by themselves.

The world of the foreign exchange is inarguably complex, but it’s important to understand that it is more than a simple game of luck. Learn to unravel it, and success is yours for the taking; fail to do so, and disaster could be waiting just around the corner. Don’t leave your future to chance: take control of your strategy today, and start making your mark on the currency markets. You’ll be glad you did because you will have more time to take advantage of compounding interest on your investments, which makes it easier to earn more from your investments over time.


Have you ever invested in the forex market? Do you have any tips?


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