3 Pro-Tips for Real Estate Marketing in the Modern Age

3 Pro-Tips for Real Estate Marketing in the Modern Age

3 Pro-Tips for Real Estate Marketing in the Modern AgeWith technology quickly moving us forward into the future, all industries are experiencing mass corners being cut and processes sped up. Real estate is not excluded from these advancements, especially when it comes to marketing potential they provide. New marketing possibilities include boosting traffic to your open houses, your agency, vacant properties and help you build a brand around yourself as a real estate agent.

Content is King

For the most part, potential buyers will have seen the property listing through your website and have already seen at least a few pictures, some of the features and a list of bullet points to give them an idea of what the property is all about. This is pretty much the minimum amount of effort required by you as the real estate agent. If you really want to wow your potential buyers and sellers, you have to put some work into content marketing.

The reigning marketing tactic of the 21st century so far is the development of content for your blog, website and/or social media accounts. It?s a successful concept that actually adds value to a product or service beyond its intrinsic functions. Have you heard of something positive happening to the neighborhood you?re selling a home in? Has someone famous previously lived in a property you want to advertise?

Content can give you and your overall brand a personality that provides value to the community and can make you the person to go to when someone needs to buy or sell a home.

Modernize Your Approach

As a society that is increasingly addicted to our smartphones and other devices, it should come as no shock that you should have a digital presence that sprawls past just having a website. You need to be on social media – that means Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, all of them. You need to use modern devices ? services like Chime, a real estate CRM with IDX (internet data exchange), will help you manage your clients in one consolidated application.

As a businessperson in the modern age, you have to meet people in the digital marketplace. Imagine for a second all of the people who drove past one of your properties and thought it looked great, however, you were out of printed leaflets and they didn?t have a pen to write your information down. It may have been just the property they were looking for, but by the time they got home they forgot where they saw the house and your name.

If you were to have placed a QR Code on the sign itself, the driver could have stopped snapped a picture of the code and been directed immediately to your website, social media or the property listing. But, you didn?t ? and it cost you a sale – don?t let outdated tech cost you money.

Personalized Communications

Experienced real estate agents have large quantities of data about potential clients, buyer and sellers. However, this data is quite often underutilized and never reaches full potential. As stated earlier, a real estate CRM with IDX tech is the perfect methodology for not only managing contacts and their data, but reaching out to them in a personalized fashion. You can make place phone calls pulled straight from your directory or create personalized email templates to provide a unique, yet manageable, message to similar clients. For example, all of your potential buyers can be sent a personalized email about a neighborhood they are interested in.

Making the investment to implement today?s technology will not only make your brand or agency appear modern, but it will make sales a much more seamless process.


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