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Should You Hire a Housekeeper?


Chores ? the dreaded tasks of everyone, no matter your age. Housework, laundry, scrubbing the toilet ? no one likes doing it but these things are necessary to stay clean and sanitary. But it can be hard to prioritize these things over other items in our daily schedules that are more fun. After a long day of work, or even ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Home

buying a new home

Here?s a bit of breaking news ? buying a new home is?expensive. What?s that? You already knew houses were expensive? Okay ? so maybe it isn?t breaking news after all. As any recent homebuyer can tell you, it is incredibly difficult to get into a new home without totally breaking your budget for the year (and maybe many years to ... Read More »

5 Ways to Save on Car Rentals for Your Summer Road Trip

summer road trip

Summer in full swing and so are the summer festivities that go along with the warmer weather.?Baseball and softball games, outdoor concerts, weddings and road trips are often on the calendar as much anticipated events. But all of these events could mean extra?mileage for your vehicle depending on their location. Driving is an everyday event for most people, but if ... Read More »