5 Things to Avoid in College that Will Keep You Debt Free

collegeThere?s something about the financial struggle of a college student that can make you learn how to get creative. However, sometimes students creativity can get them into financial trouble. When you leave college, chances are you?ll already have enough?student loan debt to occupy your bank account for a few years. That bill is hefty enough, and you don?t want to pile on any additional expenses. So, if you truly want to stay debt-free in college, here are some things you should avoid.

Eating Out

Sure it?s easy to hit the dollar menu on the drive-thru, but this will add up eventually. If you continue to spend money on fast food, that?s money you don?t have for other important items. Instead, use your meal plan or stick to grocery shopping and cooking at home. Ramen can go a long way and is much cheaper than dining out.


Sure you may be a social butterfly, but the cost of clothes, drinks, and those late-night snacks can put you over the edge financially. Not to mention, if you ever make the unintelligent decision to drink and drive, you could find yourself facing serious financial burdens with a DUI and the?cost of a DUI lawyer. So, the way to avoid this is to minimize your partying and spend time at school focusing on the degree.

Credit Cards

Nothing is more attractive than the shiny plastic that allows you to buy things without having any money. However, credit cards are a bad idea for poor college students. Don?t get a credit card while in college. Sure it may help you build your credit, but if you?re not financially responsible for paying it back, it will have a very negative impact on your financial future.


Sure it may sound great to live on your own with no rules, but the?cost of rent and utilities is enough to put you out on the streets. Instead of wasting money, opt to live on campus or commute from home. More and more college students are staying with parents for longer periods of time in order to save money, and this is a great idea.


Wait until you graduate college to buy a new car. A monthly vehicle payment can be expensive, and more delaerships have special deals for those who graduate. Plus, if you can?t afford the payment, you run the risk of having the car repossessed, and this will haunt your credit for a long period of time.

Make the smart financial decision for your future to avoid these debt risks and instead graduate from college with a clean slate.


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