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4 High Costs of a Toxic Work Environment

toxic work environment

toxic work environmentWorking at a job and building a?career can take up a good majority of your?time. But in general, most people like their jobs or at least tolerate the tasks they are given.

There are those who land their dream job and others who enjoy their work, but enjoy going home to their families or their hobbies more. But, there are also those who don?t like their job. But they realize it?s work and it pays the bills.

Most of these people have decent work environments. But what happens when you like your job, but the environment is toxic?

A toxic work environment is one where you don?t feel appreciated or valued, or where you are taken advantage of, and the people are just not nice to work with. A toxic work environment can take its toll on you and your money. Here are four high?costs of a toxic work environment.

Increased Sick Days

This is something I learned from personal experience. I worked at a job I thought I loved, but then I noticed my stomach would cramp and I would feel sick more often than ever before in my life. Since?I left my toxic work environment, I haven?t had one sick day from stomach pains or cramps. It?s amazing what negative stress does to your body. Increased visits to the doctor, more prescriptions?and days spent home add up.

Mental Well-Being

Your mental well-being can also lead to increased sick days. If you are constantly depressed or unhappy at work, it shows.

Your mood can wear off on others and can cause them to add more work to you or take away work that might make you more money. If you are not happy, you become less productive. Being less productive means less money for the company and maybe less of a bonus or raise for you.

Performance affects income, and if you aren?t at the top of your game, your checkbook may not be either.

Lost Clients or Accounts

Toxic people and environments find a way of leaking out of the office and into the street. People don?t like to be involved in a toxic work environment. If word gets around that a company or person is hard to work with, it can lead to a loss of customers or accounts. With less work, it could mean layoffs or more work thrown on you due to other people jumping ship.

Family Cohesion and Happiness

Being constantly stressed at work, and then coming home to an unhappy spouse or family adds up. Feelings get hurt as people take out the stresses of the day on their loved ones. This can sometimes results in breakups or divorce that cost money.

The family may not break up, but less energy when home can lead to eating out more, which we know is more expensive and less healthy.

A toxic work environment is not good for anyone. If you are in a toxic environment, get out as soon as you can.

Being happy or content in the work place is extremely beneficial for your work, your family and yourself. Work can be stressful, but it shouldn?t make you cringe every day or make you sick. Find a position where you are valued and can grow. You?d be amazed what it does for you and for your wallet.


Have you ever been in a toxic work environment? How did if affect you and your budget?


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4 Easy Ways to Get Motivated When You?re Not Feelin? It

get motivated

running-573762_1280Have you ever had one of those days when you just ?don?t feel like it?” I have had quite a few days like that lately. I had a to-do list a mile long. I didn?t know where to start and I didn?t even want to try and get caught up again.

My house was a cluttered mess, my friends and family were feeling neglected, and my inbox and business calendar looked like a tornado had hit. Long story short, I was not feelin? it. Like at all.

But it didn?t take me long to realize that sitting there and being stressed and depressed about things wasn?t going to help me get my life put back together. I had to get motivated again!

Here are four easy ways I get motivated, and move closer to some semblance of a work-life balance, when I?m just not feelin? it.

Rock Out to Great Music

One way I get myself in the mood to start tackling things on my to-do list is by turning on some great music. I pop in my favorite CD and let myself listen to it for a few minutes. Before too long I?m grooving to the music and I?m usually ready to get back to work.

Similarly, when I have a lot of deadlines in my business there is a particular CD that gets me in the mood to write. Turning on this CD is like magic. Words just start flowing out of my brain onto my computer. Before long I?ve got my posts for the day written.

Sweat it Out

I?m definitely not a fitness junkie. I like to work out now and then but it?s mainly so I can eat delicious food without feeling super guilty about it. 🙂 But when I?m not feeling motivated to work on my to-do list sometimes a long walk with my dog or some interval running is just what I need to get outside of my head for a little bit. After working up a sweat and then taking a shower I usually feel refreshed and ready to work again.

Clear Cluttered Spaces

Most of what I do in my freelance business is very creative. Because I have to let my creative energy flow to get my work done, I simply can?t work in a cluttered space. I have a small desk in my office because I?m a clutter monster and if my desk was bigger it would be even more cluttered than it already is.

My small desk gets cluttered very easily, but it also gets uncluttered easily. After about five minutes of throwing away trash and filing away important papers, it?s clean so I can focus on my work again.

Just Start

The last thing I do to help myself get motivated when I don?t want to work on my to-do list is to simply make myself get started. Sometimes I start with the easiest or quickest task on the list so I can ease into my work for the day, but other times I like to start with the hardest task so it?ll all be downhill from there.

Getting motivated to work when you aren?t feelin? it can be difficult, but you?ll be so glad when you get started crossing things off your to-do list.



How do you motivate yourself when you just don’t feel like doing anything? What’s your go-to method to get started? How do you protect your work-life balance?



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