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5 Best Ways to get frequent Flyer Miles

Flyer miles

Do you want to travel the world for free? If the answer is yes then you should the numerous ethical ways to do so. There is something called the Frequent Flyer Program(FFP) which offers you free airline tickets. All you have to do is collect enough frequent flyer miles using your credit card to reap the rewards in the end.

Here are the 5 best ways to get frequent flyer miles.

1. Sign up for frequent flyer programs

Frequent flyer program is a loyalty program offered by an airline company to its passengers. Airline companies want the first time customers to travel with them the next time they travel. They designed this program keeping client retention into mind. For a passenger, this programs has a lot to offer and there are downsides to it. Signing up for a frequent flyer program is the first step to get frequent flyer miles.

2. Have clearly defined travel goals

Before diving further into different frequent flyer programs, you should be clear with your travel goals. There is no point in getting one of these programs if you are only going to fly once or twice a year. In that case, you should even concern yourself with airline miles. But for regular travelers, saving money is a lot easier as they will be getting approximately 1 of every 4 flight tickets for free. If you travel with your family, you also sign them up to frequent flyer programs and use the airline miles collected by them to book flight tickets in the future.

3. Get the right credit card

Credit card

As you would already know, credit companies offer incredible bonus points in the first three months from the credit card purchase date. To get these frequent flyer miles you have to spend a set amount in the first three months. The amount varies from one credit card company to others. But generally, it is around $500-$2000. To get frequent flyer miles with your credit card, you need to plan in advance. This is to avoid overspending. Furthermore, to get even more frequent flyer miles, you can consider getting more than one credit cards.

4.  Use your credit cards to make all your purchases

To earn a considerable amount of airline miles to fund your next trip abroad, you will have to focus on making all your purchases with your travel-friendly credit cards. Most credit cards give you a fixed number of miles on every dollar you spend. You can collect sufficient miles without even spending a penny on it. In fact, by using your credit card wisely, you will be getting rewarded with cash points or rewards points.

5. Use airline shopping portals to get frequent flyer miles

You must be losing so much money by not signing up for airline shopping portals. In case you are wondering what shopping portals are: Retail stores and service providers tie-up with airline companies to maximize their sales. They offer airline miles in exchange for every item or service that you purchase from them. Secondly, you are going to spending money on things like grocery, telecom service provider, food, etc. So why not get some airline miles along with it.


To consistently earn frequent flyer miles with your credit card, make sure you pay your credit card bills on time. Use a credit card only if you are not a frequent traveler and just want to enjoy a free trip. For regular travelers, being loyal to one airline company will be more than enough to get you free plane tickets once in a while.