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12 Tips to Keep Your Finances in Check Each Month of the Year

Your finances should be managed and reviewed each month of the year. This will keep your budget, investments, and savings, healthy and up-to-date. Follow these 12 tips to keep your finances in check each month of the year. January: Focus on Your Goals With the start of a new year likely comes new financial aspirations. Review the goals you achieved ... Read More »

4 Crazy Money Superstitions You Shouldn’t Believe

Four Crazy Money Superstitions You Shouldn’t Believe

There’s no telling how certain myths and various tidbits of wisdom get passed down. Unfortunately, when they do, they have a tendency to stick around even if they aren’t or are no longer true. When it comes to your finances, there’s an array of money superstitions out there that you might follow, even though they are untrue or have become misconstrued ... Read More »

3 Ways to Make Money Management Fun

3 Ways to Make Money Management Fun

No matter how much money you make, have, invest or save, one thing is always true, you must establish proper money management habits and practices. After all, you could have all the money in the world and blow it due to lack of wise management. That being said, figuring out how to organize your finances on your own isn’t always ... Read More »

3 Ways to Help Family Members Invest

Help Family Members Invest

When it comes to investing, some of us are simply better at it than others. Figuring out which companies or organizations you want to put your money into and knowing how much risk to take, is no easy task. This is especially the case if your background in investing is slim to none. That being said, if you’re someone who ... Read More »

3 Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft

3 Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft

Recently, I became a statistic. Like so many other people, my identity was stolen. Luckily, I figured it out before the thief was able to purchase anything through the Amazon account they targeted. But despite not losing any money, the incident still left a bad taste in my mouth. When I thought about it afterward, I realized part of my ... Read More »