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4 Family Friendly Frugal Spring Break Ideas

4 Family Friendly Frugal Spring Break Ideas

4 Family Friendly Frugal Spring Break IdeasSpring break is one of the most-popular times of the year to take a vacation, as the kids are out of school and parents are looking forward to getting out of the office for a week.

However, while spring break trips are fun for the whole family, they are also rather expensive. Since this is a popular time to travel, good deals can be hard to find ? especially if you are thinking about heading somewhere with warm weather.

So do you need to just stay home to save money? Not necessarily. If you are willing to do some homework while being a bit flexible with your plan, you should still be able to take a trip without busting through the top of your budget.

Shorten the Trip

Spring break is usually a full week in length, but that doesn?t mean you have to take a trip that lasts the entire week. Consider shortening up your vacation to cut costs off of the trip while still giving the family a chance to have some fun. For instance, taking two nights off of the end of the trip could save you a few hundred dollars, and it will allow you to spend some time relaxing at home before getting back to the ?grind?.

Go Somewhere Different

It is common for families to head to warm climates during spring break, but you can save big money if you go in the opposite direction. Consider taking a trip to a tourist spot that isn?t quite yet ?in season?, as you can save money on lodging and activities when you go during off-peak times. Unless you have your mind set on a week of sun bathing on the beach, you should be able to have plenty of fun without heading south alongside everyone else.

Stay Close to Home

The cost of your trip is going to immediately skyrocket as soon as you book a flight to a faraway destination. The two biggest expenses for most vacations come in the form of airfare and lodging ? so you can cut the cost of your trip nearly in half when you drive instead of fly. There are probably plenty of great destinations within a few hours? drive of your home, so take a look at the map and work on picking out just the right local spot for a fun week.

The Staycation

The staycation?is an idea which has gained in popularity during recent years, and it is easy to see why. By staying at home, you don?t have to pay for either airfare or lodging, meaning your expenses for the week will be rather minimal. However, you are still going to treat this like a vacation, picking a number of local activities to enjoy with your family.

Also, try to eat most of your meals out during the week, just as you would when on a true vacation. This might not be quite the same as actually getting out of town, but it can fill the void of a spring break trip without doing so much harm to your budget.


Do you plan to take a spring break trip with your family this year? How will you save on the cost of your spring break trip?


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4 Summer Staycation Ideas to Save Money


staycationGoing on vacation is fun ? but it is also expensive. Of course, you already knew that. While everyone would love the opportunity to take their family on a great vacation to somewhere warm and beautiful, that kind of experience doesn?t always fit within the household budget. Faced with the option of either taking a nice trip or staying home and saving the money, many people today are forced to pick the smart (but less exciting) option.

With that said, there are plenty of things that you can do close to home which will allow you to have much of the same kind of fun that you would have while on vacation. Without the travel cost associated with going somewhere far away, you can save money and still make memories with your family. The following list includes four summer staycation ideas for you to consider.

Visit National Parks

There are beautiful National Parks spread out all across the U.S. ? meaning there is likely one within a reasonable drive of your home. If that is the case for you, consider making a day trip out to a National Park to enjoy the incredible nature that has been preserved within.

You will have to pay a small fee to enter the park, but that fee will pale in comparison to what you would spend on a traditional vacation. In fact, if you are going to visit more than one park during the summer, you may wish to consider a season pass in order to save money.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Depending on where you live, there are likely a number of tourist attractions in the biggest city near you ? and you probably have never bothered to visit them yourself. Put together a list of nearby tourist attractions and spend a day or two doing all the things that people do when they visit your area. As part of the experience, be sure to try out new restaurants that you normally wouldn?t visit in your day to day life.

Check Out an Amusement Park

Do you have an amusement park near your home? If so, take a day to visit the park with your kids to pretend like you are on an out of town vacation. This is probably not something you do on a regular basis, so it will feel like a vacation and the kids will have a great time. You will obviously need to pay for admission to the park, but without the hotel and travel costs you are still going to save nicely.

Enjoy Your Home!

Most people are so busy with day to day life that they never get a chance to enjoy their own homes. While it might not sound that exciting at first, you may be surprised to find how much fun you can have sleeping in, playing in your own yard, and just relaxing with your family. You don?t always have to be on the move to have a good time, and staying home won?t cost you anything!


Can you think of any other fun staycation ideas? Do you like the idea of a staycation as a way to save money?


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