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5 Ways to Side Hustle Your Way Out of Debt

Side Hustle Your Way Out of Debt

Side Hustle Your Way Out of DebtMost everyone today has debt in some way shape or form. The most common for this decade has seemed to be credit card debt and student loans. With more people being straddled with debt, there are fewer families that have proper savings for emergencies, for buying a home and especially retirement.

The number one way to get out of debt is to pay it off. It sounds obvious, but how can you do that if you can barely afford to pay the minimum payments have enough money to live on? One way is to increase your income.

There are lots of ways to increase your income. One way is by finding a side hustle. Here are some different side hustle ideas to help you get out of debt.

Work Weekends or Evenings

The weekends are prime time to bring home extra cash. You could try finding a part-time job making deliveries for a fast food restaurant, or working retail. When you’re tired, remember this isn?t a full-time or long-term thing. It’s?only temporary until you have your debt paid off. Paying off debt is not easy and neither is working more than one job, but it is worth it to be debt free.


There are a lot of freelance opportunities if you know where to look. First start contacting some of your friends or acquaintances who freelance or who own their businesses. They might need some help, or know how to help you get started. You could also try online job boards for freelancers such as Upwork and Fiverr. These may not bring in a lot of money per job (especially at first), but every little bit helps.

Sell Goods on Etsy

Etsy and other sites like it are great for using?your hobbies to help make you money. Some people have quit their day jobs to go full-time with their Etsy business. Use what you know for this. You don?t have to learn a new skill. Use your current skills and hobbies and find a way to market them.

Pick up Extra Shifts

Now this isn?t necessarily a side hustle, but it is a way for you to earn?more money. If you are paid hourly, find out if you can work extra shifts. But, keep in mind that this only works if there’s work to do at your job. You can?t stay late or work extra if you don?t have work to do while you’re there.

Babysit or Petsit

This may seem elementary and something you haven?t done since you were in high school, if ever. But, it’s a great way to make some extra money. There are tons of parents and pet parents who want a reliable babysitter and can?t find one for a night out. Start by using friends first and ask them for referrals.

There lots of?side hustles you can do to make extra income and pay off debt. Start with your things you’re already interested in when you’re looking for ways to make extra money on the side. You can pay off your debt quicker if you really want it by having a side gig and using the money only for debt. It takes hard work and dedication, but soon you’ll be able to go from?paying off debt to saving for the future instead.


Have you used a side hustle to pay off debt? What did you do to make extra money?


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5 Ways to Avoid Side Hustle Burn Out

5 Ways to Avoid Side Hustle Burn Out

5 Ways to Avoid Side Hustle Burn OutIn today?s society more people are picking up a side hustle to earn extra money and make ends meet.

Side hustles of choice can range from freelance work to producing hand made goods and selling them, or even getting a part-time job on the weekends. For some a side hustle is a creative outlet. For others it?s a pathway to starting their own business or an extra source of income when needed.

While the rewards of a side hustle can be many, the actual work put in to the side hustle can be taxing. What once was a way to relax has now become a source of stress. When you fear side hustle?burn out, keep these five things in mind.

Pace Yourself

Remember, a side hustle is something you are doing on top of your main employment. You don?t necessarily have to do this, you chose to do this to earn extra money. When you start feeling burn out approaching,?space out your work and pace yourself. The extra money you are earning is not worth feeling burn out.

Take a Mini-Vacay from Hustling

Whether it?s a personal day or an actual vacation, make sure you give yourself time to be you. All work and no play makes for a lousy day. Take a break from your side hustle if needed. Give yourself time to recharge and reenergize. Put time back into your family or a hobby that’s not part of your side hustle.

Balance Your Work and Your Side Hustle

If you work 40 hours or more at your job and several more hours on your hustle, that leaves you with barely any time for other things in life. If your side hustle is taking over your life, it might be time to consider where your true passion lies. This may mean scaling back on your side hustle, or taking it full-time and quitting your day job if your finances can handle it.


If you have a large amount of work for your side hustle that you never seem to keep up with, outsource some of it if you can. Paying someone for a few hours to help lighten your load to get you refocused and reorganized will provide you with more time. You might even find that you can earn more with a side business when you start outsourcing work to other people.

Learn to Say No

If you don?t want to pursue your side hustle full-time but work keeps flowing in, limit the amount of side hustling you are going to do by learning to say no. Finish the work you already committed to and then only take a certain number of projects on at one time. Another way to limit your work is to set an income minimum. Any projects that won’t pay enough to meet your minimum are the ones you’ll say no to.

Side hustles can be a great way to provide additional income. But, if you aren’t careful, they can also turn into projects of loathing. By setting yourself some guidelines and knowing your limitations, you can?avoid burn out. Take care of yourself first, because without you, you can?t hustle.


What do you do to keep from burning out on your side hustle? Have you ever experience side hustle burn out?


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4 Reasons You Might Need a Side Hustle

4 Reasons You Might Need a Side Hustle

4 Reasons You Might Need a Side Hustle

Thanks to the rise of the internet age, the world of the ?side hustle? has been born.

These days, it isn?t always enough for people to just work at their main job. Instead, countless people are combining their regular job with a side hustle in order to make the budget look better at the end of the month.

A side hustle can be just about anything that makes you extra money, from a part-time online job, to starting your own website or blog, and much more.

The potential opportunities for a side hustle are nearly endless, as long as you are willing to put in a bit of work.

There are plenty of opportunities out there to be had, but how do you know if you need a side hustle in the first place? The following 4?reasons should be good motivation to start looking for a new income stream.

No Room for Growth

Are you at the top of the pay scale at your current job with no hope of getting a raise? If so, you may need to look to a side hustle as a way to increase your income in the months and years to come. Unless you want to set out and start looking for a new job, picking up a successful side hustle might be your best chance to grow your income at this point.

Saving for a Big Purchase

If you would like to buy a new car, for example, you might need to save up money for a down payment. Or, on a similar note, you may need to save up for a down payment on a new house. Whatever the case may be, a side hustle is a great way to save money for a big upcoming purchase that you need to make. Since there might not be room in your standard budget to save money based on your regular salary, using a side hustle is your best option for tracking down those additional dollars.

Break Away from the Nine to Five

One of the best things about a side hustle is the possibility that it will turn into something more. For instance, let?s imagine that you decide to use a blog as your side hustle, and you get started by making a few dollars each month.

That small extra income will be nice, but you will also have the potential to keep working on your blog in order to turn it into something more than just a minor income stream. You can work on building up the side hustle while still working your regular job, of course, but the potential will always be there for this side hustle to turn into a full-time thing.

Enhance Your Hobby

Some of the best side hustle opportunities are simply things that people enjoy doing as a hobby. If you have a hobby that you would like to spend more time on, one of the best things you can do is figure out a way for that hobby to make you some money. Once it is both a hobby and income stream, you will have all the motivation you need to spend more and more time on it each month.


Have you started a side hustle for any of these reasons? Can you think of other reasons you might need?a side hustle?


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6 Overlooked Ways To Boost Your Income

6 Overlooked Ways To Boost Your Income

6 Overlooked Ways To Boost Your IncomeThe following is a contribution from my blogging friend, Jon.

When dealing with personal finances, there are only two ways to improve a bad situation. You can save money by cutting expenses or you can increase your income by earning more money. Most will only focus on one side of the equation and that tends to be saving money on monthly expenses. The problem with this is that you can only cut so much from your monthly expenses before you will need to focus on increasing your income. After all, you might be able to go without a car, but if you live somewhere that doesn’t have public transportation, your quality of life is going to suffer.

As a result, going without a car is not an expense you can realistically cut.

The problem with increasing your income is that many people are not sure how to increase their income so they don’t do it. The obvious options for increasing your income are to get a raise or work a second job. But what if you already earned a raise or don’t want to work a second job? Then what? Here are 6 overlooked ways to boost your income.

#1. Rent Out Your Car

If you own a car, then you have an asset. Your vehicle helps you get around and increases your mobility. While many will think of a car as just a personal asset, it can also help out others in need of transportation.

There is a growing trend of services that will allow you to rent out your car and earn money. Companies provide a marketplace where people wanting to rent a car can find one from someone willing to rent theirs out. Car owners that live in larger cities and don’t drive their car often can bring in an additional $250 on average per month.

When it comes to car insurance, you need not worry. Car insurance follows the driver and not the car. So for example, if I were to borrow your car and get into an accident, it would be my car insurance that pays for the damages, not yours. I realize that checking and verifying that potential renters of your car have insurance can be cumbersome. That is the nice thing about using a third party. For a small fee, they do the work for you of verifying things and even handle the back and forth in the case of an accident.

Of course, before you go this route, be sure to check with your car insurance provider anyways just to make sure your policy doesn’t have any limitations or exclusions that you may not be aware of.

#2. Rent Out Your Car

Become a cab driver. Thanks to technology, you don’t need to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars for a medallion that most cab drivers are required to have. You can get a job for Lyft or Uber. You can choose to work the hours you want. Maybe you only want to drive people around on weekends? With either of these apps, you can do this and make some decent money on the side.

And since you are driving people around as a business, you should track your gas purchases, miles driven and maintenance so you can write them off on your taxes.

You might even do this on a short-term basis. Maybe there is a big event in town and many out of town people are visiting. You can just work during this period and earn a few bucks.

#3. Test Websites

Do you spend time online looking at websites or love to shop online? There are thousands of companies that get regular people to test out their websites in order to find issues or just to get general feedback. There are many opportunities each and every day for people to sign up to test a company’s website. You start out earning $10 per website and it takes about 15 minutes per test. If you can do one test a day, you can earn $300 per month.
The great thing about this option is that you don’t need an advanced degree to be able to test the websites. In most cases, you are just clicking on links and making sure you don’t encounter any errors or broken links. In the case of providing feedback, you just have to record your thoughts and opinions as you surf around a website.

#4. Sell Services on Fiverr

One of the most overlooked income generating opportunities is using Fiverr. While it is relatively new compared to other services, it has blown up in popularity. Fiverr is a marketplace where people can offer services starting at $5. When it first started, you could only charge $5 for your service, but the model has changed. You now can provide basic services for $5, but can offer add-on services for more money.

There are thousands of people looking for simple services each day. You might not think that you can offer a service, but check out Fiverr to see what people are offering (I was blown away at all of the various offerings).

Some people offer copy-writing, editing, drawings, design, video work, Facebook likes, back linking, and everything else under the sun. It would be relatively easy to come up with an idea that you can sell. If you can sell one service per day at the base price of $5, then you could bring in $150 per month. That is just one service sold per day. Bump it up to just 5 per day and you are making $750 extra each month.

#5. Running Errands

Do you know that most people hate running errands, but have no problem paying someone else to do it for them? While you might think it could be hard to find such jobs, the best place to go is on Craigslist. You can either promote your services or find people looking for an assistant. The pay will depend on what type of errands you run, but the need is definitely there.

If you aren’t comfortable with Craigslist, then do a Google search for errand runners in your local area. If you live in a well-populated area, you might find a local errand running service website where you can join to advertise your services.

As with the previous tip of driving for Uber, you should track miles driven and gas purchases so you can write these off of your taxes.

#6. Rent Out A Parking Spot

When someone lives in a prime real estate location or owns an awesome parking spot that is not being used, then they can make money renting out that location. Many homes that are near popular locations can rent out a spot in their driveway to people looking for easy parking. This is a popular type of service in small college towns along with large metropolitan areas. If you own a parking spot that you are not using, then it could be easy to rent it out to other drivers for easy monthly income.

I know of a few people that live near the professional football stadium in my city. They have a driveway and a nice sized front yard that they rent out for parking. The price is less than at the stadium, and an additional benefit is that you avoid the traffic jam at the end of the game. I usually see around 10 cars in their front yard/driveway during games. At $20 per car and 8 home games, that’s $1,600 over the course of a few months. And that doesn’t include any baseball, basketball, hockey games and concerts!

Final Thots

When looking for overlooked ways to boost your income, it’s important that you look outside the box. The caveat to this though is that you need to look for solid opportunities to produce income. It would be easy to make money illegally, but we both know it won’t last and odds are you will get in serious trouble!

Additionally, asking for and getting a raise is a great first step, but you can only earn so much from your job before needing a promotion. By diversifying your income to other areas, you not only increase the amount you earn, but you protect yourself with an additional income stream should your main job ever be lost.

Jon writes at Penny Thots, a personal finance blog whose goal is to improve your finances one day and one penny at a time.


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4 Ways to Make Money Quickly for the Holidays

4 Ways to Make Money Quickly for the Holidays

4 Ways to Make Money Quickly for the HolidaysIf there is one time of year when you would like to be able to make a bit of extra money, it is certainly in the weeks leading up to the holiday season.

For most people, the holidays are the most expensive time of year. Between buying presents, going out for dinners, traveling to see family, and more, the bills around the holidays can certainly add up in a hurry.

To get a jump on this costly season, you should start to think now about how you can make a little bit of extra money to help keep yourself on budget. Consider each of the 4 ideas below and use the ones that are best suited to your situation so you can make money quickly for the holidays.

Have a Sale

Look around your house ? is there stuff in your home just taking up space? Almost certainly, the answer to this question is ?yes?.

If that is the case, consider selling some of this stuff?online in order to raise money that can be used during the holidays. Not only is this plan good for making some extra money on a temporary basis, but it will also help you declutter your house. Even if you don?t think that you have anything worth much money, take a look around anyway. You just might be surprised at what you will find.

Pick Up Extra Hours

Often, the best place to look for more money is the place that already supplies you with your income. Ask your boss/supervisor if you can pick up some additional hours in advance of the holiday season. Working a few extra hours per week might not seem like much when you are already used to working 40 or more hours, but the difference on your paycheck will be noticeable. Of course, while you are asking for additional hours, you could also ask for a raise. That would be even better!

Find a Part-Time Job

With the busy holiday season closing in, many retailers and other businesses will be hiring workers on a part-time basis to fill in the gaps. If you have a schedule with your regular job that allows you to work a part-time job as well (such as picking up hours on weekend days), you could use this method to make some extra money. Look around your local community for part-time work offers so you don?t have to drive too far in order to earn some additional holiday income.

Help Your Neighbors

This is an idea that won?t be feasible for everyone, but it can work nicely in the right situation. If you are handy around the house and have neighbors who could use some help, you may be able to pick up a bit of extra money by offering your services. For instance, you could offer to put up Christmas lights, shovel snow, rake leaves, or any other task that a homeowner may be willing to pay you to do. In addition to making money, this idea is something that can serve to strengthen your ties with the neighborhood, which is always a good thing.


Have you used any of these ideas to make money quickly? What other ideas can you think of to make money quickly?


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