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5 Online Stores That Let You Try Before You Buy

Online store

You must be pretty acquainted with the try before you buy model of clothing stores and street-side outlets. Every store has a trial room where you can try out the item and make sure it fits right. This saves you time and energy as you don’t have to come back to the store to return the item– in case it doesn?t fit well.

Online store

Likewise, some popular brands are also providing the try before you buy service on their online stores. You can order a few items or free samples at your home, use them for a week and make an informed decision to buy them or not.??

Here are 5 online stores that let you try before you buy their products/items.

1) Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Similar to Prime Samples for Prime Members, Amazon Prime Wardrobe also lets you try before you buy. Amazon is the most trusted e-commerce company in the world and the try before you buy option is only going to add to its reputation. Only products with the prime wardrobe logo are eligible for this. To get started, you can fill your box with items like shoes, clothes, and accessories and order them home. Once they arrive, you can try them out for a few days before you make your final decision.

2) Trunk Club by Nordstrom

Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollar on stylists and fashion designers. Nordstrom provides you access to a top stylist at a fee of mere $25 dollars. Trunk Club is try before you buy model that allows your stylist to choose a few items based on your profile. You can try them out at home and choose any of the items from the box. Once you make your final decision Nordstrom will charge you for the items subtracting the $25 initial fee. So, basically, you get advice from a top stylist for free.

3)  M.M.LaFleur Bento 

For people who are serious about their appearance, M.M.LaFleur is the best option as they design top-notch clothing items. Moreover, stylist cherry-picks items for you by studying your profile. They deliver the bento box at you home without charging you a dime. You are charged only when you decide to keep an item from the bento box. However, the price range of products from M.M.LaFleur is a bit higher than the other brands on this list.

4) Warby Parker

Warby Parker provides the try before you buy option on eyewear like sunglasses and prescription glasses. They have a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses for both Men and Women. Some online stores have the option of trying out an eyeglass on your face with the help of a software. But I find that very dodgy and unreliable. Warby Parkey ships the selected product at your doorstep so that you can try it out by yourself. That too for 5 days.?

5) Sephora

Sephora has a large collection of beauty products for both men and women. You can buy anything from a make-up kit to bathing soap on their online store. As far as their try before you buy feature is concerned, they let you pick up to 2 free samples per order. They also provide free sample in their physical stores. The free samples allow you to test out the product on your skin or hair and make sure that you are not allergic to its ingredients.


The only downside of this way of shopping is you get to try on only two or three samples. The online stores cannot afford to send you plenty of samples to try since it is logistically difficult. But still, it is a good deal considering you also get access to a top stylist for free of cost.

5 Sneaky Ways Websites Convince Us to Overspend

4 Sneaky Ways Websites Convince Us to Overspend

4 Sneaky Ways Websites Convince Us to OverspendThe Internet is ever-changing. These days, you can buy anything on the Internet from food, to furniture, to services.

Since Amazon rolled out its Prime subscription, most items you buy are delivered within two business days. Anything you want at the click of a button.

While the convenience of online shopping makes it easy to spend money, online retailers’ websites make it even easier to overspend.

Here are a few sneaky ways websites convince us to overspend.

Free Shipping Offers

Spend this much and get free shipping. We?ve all seen it.

Free shipping for orders over $50 and your basket is at $45. For just $5 more you can get free shipping.

This sneaky trick totally works too. Who doesn?t love free shipping? ?But, did you need that little knick-knack for $5? Probably not. But, they got you to overspend.

Suggested Items

This one is very tempting for me. When you’ve added a few things to your cart, websites suggest other things you might like.

They are usually spot on with this, and it totally plays to your impulse buying.

Be ready for this and don?t give in. You don?t really need those cute add-on items.

Showing What Other’s Have Purchased

Similar to showing suggested items you might like, some websites will show you items that were purchased by other shoppers who also bought the same thing as you.

For instance, if you have an air freshener in your shopping cart, they may tell you other shoppers who bought this air freshener also bought the jumbo pack of fragrances. Do you need 27 extra fragrances?

On the other hand, sometimes this is helpful if you are trying to see other accessories for the item you are purchasing. But, keep in mind, this is another tactic websites use to make you buy more.

Reminder Emails

Don?t lie, you?ve put things in your shopping cart and then not purchased that cart. Sometimes this is how I make my wishlist, only to see that there’s no way I can afford everything I want.

Websites know it too, so they may send you a little reminder email to buy the things in your cart.

This can occasionally work in your favor if they give you a coupon code to use for your purchase because you “forgot” to finish checking out.

Flash Sales

?Everything is 75% off if you buy now and get free shipping!?

Flash sales are the be all, end all of online promotions. Buy it now whiles it?s cheap.

There?s no easier way to overspend than what you were intending than to give in to one of these sales. Because you feel like you are getting a good deal, now you feel that it’s ok to buy more than you intended in the first place. How can you pass it up when it’s so cheap?!

Online retailers know their business and they know how to get you to increase your spending. Sometimes this can be a good thing, such as when you get gifts on sale, or are able to save on something you’ve had your eye on for a while.

But most of the time, these visible yet sneaky methods, trigger your impulse buy reflex. Though tough, you can master this impulse and stick to only what you were originally intending to buy. Have fun shopping but be alert so you don?t overspend.


What methods have websites used to make you overspend and add more to your online cart?


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