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Should You Allow Your Kid to Get a Part-time Job?

Should You Allow Your Kid to Get a Part-time Job?

Should You Allow Your Kid to Get a Part-time Job?Whether or not you require your teenager to work or not is specific to each family. While some parents lean towards the side of focusing solely on academics, many others choose to have their kids get a part-time job.

In many cases, teenagers themselves opt for a position in the real world in order to earn money for the items that are important to them. It can be difficult to know which path, job or no job, is more beneficial in your kids teen years. So, if you?re debating on whether or not to let your kid apply, consider these three factors.

Time Management

One of the biggest factors you should consider before allowing your kid to get a job is their time management skills. Having a part-time job in itself can teach your child important skills in managing their time, as they?ll have to balance school, work, homework, and a social life.

This can be an invaluable skill once they reach college and adulthood. On the other hand, you should take into consideration your teen?s capacity. If school is already a struggle or something that takes up a lot of their time, be sure to weigh the pros and cons in the event that a part-time job could hinder their academics.

Important Life Skills

Once school is officially over, work is simply a fact of life. Hence, having a part-time job can help your kids learn some important life skills they?ll continue to use for years.

Apart from actually learning the value of work, applying for a job itself will teach your child how to prepare an application and resume, how to interview, and get along with co-workers and customers.

Furthermore, depending on the job, they could even acquire computer, customer service, and even more specialized skills that could help them in the future.

Ability to Manage Money

When you?re a kid, it?s not too often that you have a significant amount of money to spend. Working a job, however, will give your teen income that they?ll then have to decide how to use.

One of the biggest benefits of a part-time job is the fact that it?ll teach your kids what it means to get a paycheck and manage their money well. Moreover, they?ll learn the importance of spending and saving and likely be more cautious with their funds because they had to work hard to earn it.

While school should no doubt be the top priority in your children?s lives, there is value to be had in working a part-time job when you?re younger. In the end, you have to decide together what the best option is for your family.

And whether your teenager has the capacity to do so during the school year or finds a job come summer, the real life experience and job skills they gain from doing so, only serves to prepare them for their future.


Did you have a part-time job growing up? What are some part-time jobs that could work well with their school schedule?


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3 Ways to Get Your Car to Pay for Itself

3 Ways to Get Your Car to Pay for Itself

3 Ways to Get Your Car to Pay for ItselfFor most people, a car is a necessity. If you live in a city with great public transportation or in an environment that allows you to walk or bike, you might find yourself sans a motor vehicle. For the rest of us, however, a car is usually our only means of transportation.

Unfortunately, necessity or not, the cost of your car is likely a significant amount. Between the car itself, to all of its upkeep, and gas, the money spent on your vehicle is probably a large portion of your budget. If the cost of your car seems like too much or is simply driving you nuts, consider trying one of these three ways to get your car to pay for itself.

1. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

Probably one of the most widely utilized ways to earn money via your car is by becoming a Lyft or Uber driver. Ridesharing services have become vastly popular since their emergence, which means you?ll no doubt do your fair share of driving.

Requirements to become a driver are usually fairly simple, granted you have a valid driver?s license, insurance and a car that meets a few standards. For the most part, drivers tend to make between $15 and $20 per hour. This can definitely add up. Moreover, ridehsare driving is usually flexible to fit your schedule since you can turn it off and on whenever you want.

2. Become a Driving Advertisement

You?ve probably seen someone driving around with advertisement decals and wraps all over their vehicle, what you might not have realized is that that driver is earning money by doing so.

Find a local business, whether that?s a restaurant, retail store or even a doctor that would be willing to use advertising decals. They?ll likely pay for the decals and car application, then all you have to do is drive around.

In some cases it might be a one-time gig and in others, you might be able to set up a monthly agreement. Either way, you?re bound to make a fair amount of income by using your car as a venue for ads.

3. Rent Out Your Car

If you don?t mind other people driving your car, then one surefire option to earn money would be to rent it out. Companies like RelayRides and FlightCar let you turn your vehicle into a rental.

You simply advertise your car on their marketplace and then, pre-approved travelers are able to choose your car for rent. The average rental period is usually between three and five days and the average renter can make around $500 extra each month.

A car is a luxury and one purchase that?s simply going to cost you money as long as you have it. Nonetheless, your vehicle shouldn?t take up half your budget. Keep your car from eating up too much of your main income and try out one of these easy ways to earn extra cash and get your car to pay for itself.


What are some businesses in your area that might need advertising? Would you rent out your car? How else could you get your car to pay for itself?


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4 Side Hustles I?ve Tried and Why They Failed

side hustles

18058792993_7935bed1b2_zI never really thought about it until I started reading personal finance blogs a couple of years ago, but I?m a chronic side hustler. I?m always looking for unique and fun new ways to bring in extra money in addition to my main income source, which up until recently was a full-time office job.

Needless to say as a chronic side hustler I?ve tired quite a few side gigs out in the past with varying degrees of success. Everyone?s experience with these side gigs will not be the same, but I wanted to share with you four side hustles I?ve tried and why they failed for me.


I used to make all of my money by babysitting. Not to brag, but because of my high level of maturity I was able to start making money with this side gig at age 10. Granted, at that age I pretty much only babysat my brother and my little cousins, but it still paid (occasionally).

I got my first real babysitting gig at age 12. There was little expense on my end since my parents, or the parents of the children I was babysitting drove?since I couldn?t drive yet. Even still I was a pretty in-demand babysitter. The reason this gig failed for me was that I don?t especially love children. As?I got a little older I didn?t want to spend every evening on the weekend hanging out with little kids, I wanted to hang out with my friends instead. 🙂 While babysitting can be a great way to earn extra money, it’s not for me.

Cleaning Office Buildings

This is a more recent side hustle I took on while I was working at my full-time job. My office?s janitor quit unexpectedly and I was the replacement. I cleaned the building for just over a year before I was forced to quit due to having too many irons in the fire when my freelancing business took off.

The pay of this side gig was great and it didn?t take up that much time, but cleaning isn?t very fun and the people in my office are not very respectful, so it made me resent them a little bit more since I was stuck cleaning up their messes.

Part-Time Retail Job

As a high school student this was my only job, but then in college I started working my retail job only on the weekends and I continued that all through college and for just over three years after I graduated. I quit this side hustle earlier this year after growing tired of working for just over minimum wage and having to deal with so much drama in the workplace.

Not every store is the same, but the retail store I worked in had more drama than a girl?s bathroom at our local high school. I finally figured out that my time was worth way more than what I was getting paid at that retail store.

Selling Products

A couple of years ago I get recruited into a pyramid scheme. Luckily, I haven?t lost much money on the deal (yet), but I haven?t made a ton of money either. This is mostly due to the fact that I?m not a great salesman and the company I joined is already way oversaturated in my small town.

I am still semi-involved in this side gig, but mostly so I can get my own products for free?from the sales I do make to my customers.



Have you tried any of these side hustles with different results? What side hustles have you tried and failed at? Why did they fail?



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7 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money

Make Extra Money

Make Extra MoneyAre you currently looking to make extra money? Stupid question, I know, as who doesn?t want to make more money when they can? There could be many number of reasons why you?d want to make some extra money from paying off debt to having a little extra to put away for retirement.

The sad thing I?ve found is many don?t want to take the effort to earn more. It can go back to a number of things really from lack of desire to believing they don?t have the skills needed to do something on the side. Regardless of what your various skill levels are, I believe that most of us have at least something they can do to make money on the side. The jobs might not be the most glamorous, but money is still money. You can even make money shopping online, through sites like Swagbucks, so even if you feel like you don’t have the skills to make extra money you can do so through shopping – so why not get something back for what you’re already doing anyway?

If you?re racking your brains over some simple ways to make extra money hopefully you?ll find something on this list to get you started.

1) Clean Houses

People are busy these days. Between work, kids, and evening events, many people just can?t find the time or energy to clean their own house! This is where you can swoop in and save the day. For $20 or $25 per hour, you could offer your cleaning services. There are a variety of ways you can advertise your services, but you can also start out by working for some neighbors or friends and get some word of mouth going to help you.

2) Dog Sit/Walk the Dogs

Again, since people are so busy (and because they love their pets) they are willing to pay someone to walk their dogs during the day. Each dog could net you $3 to $5 per walk, if not more. Gather up a few dogs from the neighborhood and you could be making $25 an hour in just over an hour.

And, if these dog owners end up leaving for a week at a time, you can step in and offer to watch their dog?s full time. The amount you can make from something like this will vary, of course, but could be a nice way to make a little extra money

3) Baby Sit

If you have experience with children then you can certainly find a few gigs babysitting once in a while. Offer your services to friends and neighbors and quickly earn some extra cash. This, of course, is the common standby for many but speaking as a parent ? you can make a nice little chunk of change as a babysitter.

4) Become a Census Worker

If you are in need of money when the Census Bureau is polling the country for the yearly stats, you could get hired part-time for a pretty decent pay (and reimbursement for miles) to gather data for them. A good bit of this work will require going door to door talking to people, so make sure that?s something you?re cool doing.

5) Deliver Pizza

This might not be the most glamorous way to make extra money, but if you are able to deliver multiple pizzas on each outing, the pay is actually pretty good ? often times upwards of $20 per hour. Plus, you might even score yourself some free pizza from time to time!

6) Help People Move

If you own a truck (or have access to someone else?s), many people would gladly pay you to help them move all of their stuff from point A to point B. After a few hours of work, you could leave there with some exercise and money in your wallet.

7) Mow Lawns/Shovel Driveways

Have you ever mowed your own lawn or shoveled a driveway? If so, then you are qualified for this line of work. All you have to do is walk around your neighborhood and let your neighbors know that you would like to earn some extra money mowing lawns. If ever they just don?t feel like doing their own or are going to be away, just have them give you a call. More than likely, you will get a few customers like this and could potentially earn $20, or more, to mow a relatively small yard

Make Extra Money With A Goal In Mind

Personally speaking, I?ve found that I?m more successful when I attach a goal to what it is I?m doing. Not only does that challenge me to work harder to accomplish whatever that goal is, but I also find that it helps the process go by smoother. That?s not to say that it doesn?t require hard work, but anything worth having requires a little hard work from time to time.


What are some of your favorite ways to make extra money? Do you pair it with a goal, or are you motivated otherwise? What excuses do you commonly hear from those frustrated that they can?t make extra money?



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