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7 Free Ways to Exercise Without a Gym


If you love to exercise, or even if you simply tolerate it to better your health, you probably already know it can get quite costly to join a gym or exercise club. Prices for a single membership can range anywhere from $40.00 per month to as much as $125.00 per month. In large cities where real estate is at a ... Read More »

Don’t Let Debt Hold You Back From Your Dreams

When you are deep in debt and you are working hard to throw every penny you can toward paying it off, it’s easy to lose sight of everything else going on in life around you. You forget that while you are busy working extra hours, devoting time to a side hustle, and clipping coupons life hasn’t slowed down. This fact ... Read More »

How to Dress Up for Holiday Parties on the Cheap

Holiday Parties

I know it’s just now time for Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, holiday parties are right around the corner. When I still worked full-time in my office job, I had at least four holiday parties to attend each year, not counting the ones that were only for my family. My company had two Christmas parties, one with the board ... Read More »

4 Ways to Save Money on a Weekend Away

Weekend away

I just got back from a fun weekend away. I went to visit my best friend from college and her husband. We had a great time and it was nice to unplug from my work (for the most part) for a couple of days. This is the first weekend away I’ve had since I became self-employed and I knew I ... Read More »