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5 Food Preservation Methods That Save Money

food preservation

With summer produce season coming to a close, and with a hint of pumpkin spice in the air, it means it’s time to put up your produce and prepare for the winter. Preserving food has been around since humans could hunt. Back then, meat products were the main preserved food type and people had to get creative with how they ... Read More »

How to Freeze Garden Vegetables

freeze garden vegetables

When we first started gardening years ago, I was terrified of learning how to freeze garden vegetables. I can’t tell you exactly why, but once I learned, I realized that freezing garden vegetables is really quite simple. Harvest time is here in many parts of the country, so I figure now’s the perfect time to talk about the ease of ... Read More »

4 Tips for the Most Productive Vegetable Garden

most productive vegetable garden

Following up on my post last time on money saving tips for your garden, today we’re going to talk about how to get the most productive vegetable garden.  Gardening doesn’t do much good if it produces no yield.  Here are some tips that can help you get the most ROI (return on investment) out of your vegetable garden. The Most ... Read More »

Four Money Saving Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Now that the growing season is upon us, you might want to consider a vegetable garden as part of your money saving plan.  Even if you have minimal space to grow in, or have very little experience in gardening, there are ways that you can use vegetable planting to save your household a good bit of cash. Consider the money ... Read More »