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At What Age Should You Open a Bank Account for Your Child?

At What Age Should You Open a Bank Account for Your Child?

Although Americans are saving more now than they were a a few years ago, many are still living with high debt levels. This is concerning because saving money and paying off debt is essential for financial success. Perhaps it’s due a lack of financial education for children in America, or the fact that many grew up without learning a good ... Read More »

5 Ways Friends and Family Influence Our Spending

influence our spending

Unless you live in cave, which most people don’t, you’ve probably let people around you influence your spending from time to time. It’s nearly impossible to avoid letting people influence our spending all of the time, and sometimes it can even be a good thing. During my personal finance journey over the past few years, I’ve realized that the people ... Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

teach your kids about money

Learning about money is one of the most-important things that a child can pick up in their early years. At some point, your kids are going to need to start earning their own money, and they will need to know how to handle that money in order to become successful and prosperous adults. You certainly don’t need to be rich ... Read More »

What to do When You Dread Budgeting

What to do When You Dread Budgeting

Budgeting is an ever necessary evil if you have financial goals you are working toward. Budgets themselves aren’t evil. In fact, they are very useful for things like paying off debt, saving money and more. Budgets can be anything and fit any need. Having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t spend money. In fact, if you are planning a vacation, you ... Read More »

4 Money Myths That Are Costing You Money

Money Myths

There is no lack of money-related advice available today, thanks in large part to the plethora of personal finance blogs on the internet. 😉 You don’t have to look far to find tips and tricks on how to save money. In general, that is a good thing – unless you are receiving bad advice. If you are using tips on ... Read More »