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How to Start an Emergency Fund with a Low Income

emergency fund

Everyone knows that it is a good idea to have an emergency fund available for those costs that sometimes pop up in life. You can’t always predict when you are going to need to spend some money, so having an emergency fund put off to the side for just such occasions is a good idea. However, it can be very ... Read More »

3 Easy Ways to Start Building an Emergency Fund

emergency fund

One piece of the financial puzzle that many people fail to consider is a simple emergency fund. This fund is nothing more than money in a savings account which is meant to be available in case of unexpected expenses. You can’t always plan for all of your costs in life, so having some money set aside in an account that ... Read More »

Why You Need an Emergency Fund When Paying Off Debt

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So, you have made it your goal to pay off as much debt as possible this year – great! There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting out from under debt – you can live financially free and start to use your money on things you need and want rather than just paying interest charges and late fees. Of ... Read More »

Three Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Of course, we all hope that we would never have a need to use an emergency fund. In a perfect world, we would be able to plan our expenses well in advance, and make sure that we have the resources available to take care of our obligations. Unfortunately, that isn’t how the world works at times. Large financial expenses come ... Read More »