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5 Ways to Make Extra Money This Year

extra money

extra moneyFirst of all, the title of this article is probably a little bit misleading. Of course, there is no such thing as ?extra? money. All money is important, and you should value every dollar that you are able to earn.

However, in this context, ?extra? simply means money that you are able to make beyond your usual salary. If you normally earn $50,000 per year working at your regular job, and money that you make on the side beyond that could be considered ?extra.’

Picking up a side hustle is a great way to pad your budget while possibly engaging in an activity that you enjoy anyway. If you can be smart about your second job, you could turn it into something that is both a hobby and a money maker. Following are five ideas that you may want to consider in order to bring in some extra money in the year ahead.

Serve Your Neighbors

Some people love to spend time outside doing yard work and odd jobs rather than sitting on the couch in front of the TV all day. If that sounds like you, consider offering your services to neighbors for a fee.

Even if they only pay you a small amount, you can make a little bit of money while getting exercise and making your neighborhood look great. Not only is this a good way to make money, you might even make some friends in the neighborhood while you are at it.

Drive Your Car

One of the newest ways to make money is by becoming a driver for services like Uber and Lyft. These are on-demand services where customers can request a ride and you simply go pick them up and take them to their destination. This won?t be a viable option for people in all areas, but those who live in or around a big city could make a nice extra income by driving periodically.

Can You Write?

As you know, the Internet is huge, and most of it is filled with words. Someone has to write those words, meaning there is an incredible demand for freelance writing in today?s economy. If you have any writing talent, you might want to pursue a few side writing jobs to bring in additional income.

The best way to get started is to focus on an area of particular expertise that you may have, such as a field of business you have worked in or a hobby that you have mastered. If you don’t want to write, there are many other ways to earn extra income online. You can be a VA, or you can even make a little extra money by using portals like Swagbucks?for your shopping or search needs.

Liquidate Some Possessions

You don?t need to sell off everything you own, but moving out a few pieces of clutter that have no meaning to you can be a good way to bring in extra money and clear space at the same time. EBay is great for this purpose, as are classified ad sites such as Craigslist.

Ask for More Work More at Work

One of the easiest and most obvious places to look for additional income is at the job you already have. Ask about the possibility of a raise or overtime to make more money without having to pick up a second job.


Do you want to earn extra money this year? What are you going to do to earn extra money? Have you tried any of these methods of earning extra money?


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The Quick Guide to Making Profit by Selling Tickets Online


tickets-1040cs053012Selling sports, concert, or theater tickets online for profit can make you extra money. It also provides an excellent opportunity to be your own boss while you work from the comfort of your home. Through online ticket brokers like Ticketbis, you can become an effective and profitable ticket reseller, if you’re willing to put in the work.

It only requires a few simple steps: study the business and get to know how it works, buy your tickets at a low price, sell them at higher prices online and get paid. Here is a brief guide on how to sell tickets online.

Get Familiar With the Process and Regulations

Before you begin to sell event tickets online, it is vital to know the rules governing this business in your city or state. The regulations vary from state to state. However one way to sell tickets profitably without violating state rules or being hampered by stiff regulations, is to work with online brokers. One of the leading online brokers is Ticketbis. After you have registered as a member, this company allows you to post your tickets on their website for free. Thereafter, they expose the tickets to over 100,000 clients who do business with them regularly. Their system is secure and they protect the seller and buyer of the tickets. Popular event tickets can get sold within 48 hours or less on Ticketbis. So you can be sure that you will enjoy quick sales when you use their platform to sell your tickets.

Know the Tickets to Buy and How to Get Them Very Cheap

Start by focusing on a band, team or artist you know quite well. If they have a popular following, it’s possible you’ll sell the tickets rather quickly. Focus on the reasons why their events are a huge success and why their followers are always willing to pay a premium to be at their events. Then do some research and find out the best way to buy their tickets very early at the lowest prices possible. One way to do is by buying pre-sale tickets. You should also let all your friends, associates and fans know that you sell tickets. This will enable you to buy up any of their unused tickets at a good price and resell them online.

Study Ticket Prices and Know When to Post

To make money?from this business, you need to know when to post your tickets online. Study all the major ticket broker websites and discover how the ticket prices of your target events change as the date draws nearer. You should also study the prices of various seats at the event. The prices of the seats close to the stage are always more expensive than other positions so they usually generate more profit.

You can also use a keyword tracking tool to discover how people are searching for tickets for the events your are interested in on any search engine. Then you can schedule the posting of your tickets to match the season when they are either in high demand (to achieve fast sales) or to match the period when the tickets are scarce and the prices are very high ? to obtain maximum profit.

That was a concise guide on how to sell tickets online. If you are passionate about the artists, team, band, sport, or events whose tickets you will be promoting, you will soon discover that you are on your way to earning consistent income and profit as a ticket reseller.

4 Places You Should Look for Extra Income

Extra Income

4357234437_31d8ff8b55_zEven if you already have a full-time job, being able to make a little bit of extra income from time to time is a great way to pay for some of the extras you desire, like a family vacation. Making a little extra money can also make paying the bills that much easier.

Plus, extra income is a great way to be able to save some money in your emergency fund?for later on down the road. While making extra money on the side might take some effort and hard work on your part, the rewards are almost always worth it.

Here are four places that you can look for extra income to help?boost your savings account.

#1 ? At Your Current Job

The easiest place to find extra money might just be the place where you already work. Since you are already an employee, one of the biggest barriers to making extra money has already been taken care of – in that you have a go-to resource.

You could ask for a raise for the job you already do, or see if there are any opportunities for advancement within your organization. If neither of these options is available,?it might be possible to simply take on a few overtime hours to add to your paycheck instead.

#2 ? Look Online for Extra Income

One of the challenges in making extra income is being able to find the time in the day to work your regular job and also do other work for your side hustle. That is what is so great about working online. You can do a variety of jobs on the internet,?and many of them can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

You do need to beware of employment scams on the web. If the ?job? requires you to pay them money upfront for the opportunity to work, you should move on and find a different option. With that being said, there are plenty of places to find jobs online. If you don’t know where to start, sites like Elance?or Freelancer.com?are relatively good places to start. If you’d rather not work for the extra income you can always use a cash back site to earn some money for your shopping. You can sign up for sites like Swagbucks??- which allow you to get cash back for things like taking surveys or shopping through their portals and both offer $5 new account sign-on bonuses to get you started.

#3 ? Teaching Lessons

Do you have some kind of specialized skill that others would like to learn? It could be something you have learned during your career, like technology skills, or even just a hobby that you are skilled in, like playing the piano. Whatever it is, there may be a market to teach your talent to others.

Giving lessons is something that can often be done on weekends, or in the evenings when you are done with work. Not only is this a great way to earn some extra money, but it also could be very rewarding when you get the chance to teach others something that you are passionate about.

#4 ? Education

At some point, it might become necessary to add to your educational background in order to find ways to make more income during your career. If you are blocked from moving up any higher in your current company because of your level of education, you could consider going back to school to obtain an additional degree.

This will require hard work and dedication to complete while you are still working, but plenty of people have achieved it successfully. Before you get started with further education, make sure you have a clear understanding of the degree that you are going to work towards, and how exactly it will lead you to additional income down the road.


Where would you look to earn extra income? Have you ever earned extra income from one of these sources? Is going back to school a good idea to earn more at your current career?



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Why You Should Set Goals For Your Side Income

side income

108403132_25ee192050_zThere are many reasons to start a side hustle. I began a new side hustle in July 2014: freelance writing online. Some of the reasons why I decided to try my hand at making money online?included using writing as a way to express myself, using writing to help and motivate others to get their finances in order, and using writing to occupy my free time with something productive instead of wasting away in front of the TV. 🙂

But of course, the main reason I decided to start a side hustle was to earn more and accelerate my progress toward my financial goals.

Unfortunately, I didn?t make the best use of my side hustle income in 2014. Most of it was used for things like shopping, going out to eat, and paying for entertainment instead of going toward my financial goals. Then I decided to get?more serious with my finances for 2015. One way I?m being more serious with my finances is by tracking ALL of my spending, including the spending I do with my side hustle income.

In order to help me stay motivated to continue hustling, I?ve also set some goals for how much side hustle income I?d like to earn each month. Here are just a few goals I’ve set with my side income.

Side Income is Part of My Budget

Due to some changes in my full-time employment status and income, I?ve had to make my side income a part of my budget for 2015. Making my side income part of my budget is a good way to keep myself motivated to work hard and earn more.

For example, if I need $100 from side income to cover expenses in my budget, I know that I have to earn at least $130 from side hustling (because of self-employment taxes). If I don?t earn enough to cover my budget shortage each month, I?ll have to find a way to cut my expenses instead, which is never a fun thing to do when you?re already living on a strict budget. Making my side hustle income a part of my budget gives me an income goal to work toward each month.

Side Income Will Help Me Meet My Other Goals

When I set up my main?personal and financial goals?for 2015, they were heavily reliant on my side income. For example, one of my goals in 2015 is to quit my full-time job. In order for this to happen, I?m going to have completely replace my full-time job?s income by side hustling.

In reality, this means I will have to earn at least 30-35% more by side hustling each month than what I am currently making at my full-time job thanks to self-employment taxes. Keeping this end goal in sight helps me to continue seeking new client and opportunities to make more money from my side hustle.

Side Income Report Goals

When I first started reading blogs, I loved how some bloggers shared a monthly report of how much they made by side hustling. Since I started side hustling, I too have been sharing a monthly report of my side income and experiences. I find these reports very motivating and now it?s my goal to grow my side income and always beat the month before.

Incorporating side income into as many goals and aspects of your life as possible is a great way to make sure you stay motivated to keep hustling when times get tough and you get tired. This will inevitably happen and when it does, you want to make sure you have good goals in place to help you keep going so you can reach your final outcome, whatever that may be.


Do you set goals with your side income? Do you make it part of your budget or do you put it towards a certain category? Why do you try to make side income?



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How to Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Make Money OnlineThe internet can be a land of opportunity, and it seems that everyone has at least some method that they use to try and make money online. Whether you want to just make a few extra bucks here and there, or you want to make your living online, there are quite a few possibilities to consider.

When thinking about how you can make money on the web, consider what you have to offer, and whether or not there are people out there willing to spend money on it. If the answer is yes, you might be able to start bringing in a new stream of income. The big key to remember in trying to make money online though is that it takes time and a lot of work to see decent progress.

Start Slow in trying to?Make Money Online

Don?t make the mistake that so many others before you have already made – thinking it will be easy to make money on the internet. Making money online is just like making money in the real world… it?s hard, if not more so. You will face tons of competition and find that many people may have more experience than you. That doesn?t mean you shouldn?t try, it just means that you should keep your expectations in check and not think that you are going to be a millionaire overnight.

Be Wary of Schemes

Have you found ?courses? or books online that promise to teach you how to make money online? Be skeptical of such products. Think about it this way, if they have figured out how to make so much money, why don?t they just do it themselves?

Most likely, it?s because their ?system? is bogus and won?t make you any money at all. In fact, the way they’re making money is selling some system to you! ?With that in mind, stick with things that you can do for free at first, because there are plenty of legitimate options that don?t cost you a dime.

While there are far more possibilities for ways to make money online than I could fit in this article, here are a few ideas ?

  • Sell items at auction. One of the easiest ways to get started is by having a ?virtual? garage sale. Look around your home for things you don?t want anymore, and sell them on Craigslist or Ebay. This won?t be a long-term money making strategy unless you decide to start buying products to sell, but it can get you started and put a little extra cash in your pocket.
  • Offer to do work. Do you enjoy writing? Maybe you have some specific computer-related skill such as a programming language that you know, or graphic design experience that you have? Put it to use by doing small projects for website owners and other businesses online. There are many freelance work sites where you can find and bid on jobs to start your side business. This is how my wife and I were able to build our business out. We already had a good base of local clients, but moved to also getting clients online. Yes it does take time but it can be quite profitable if you find the right niche.
  • Start your own website. If you are passionate about a specific topic, or have in-depth knowledge on it, you can start your own website and try to attract traffic to your site. Once you have traffic, you can monetize the site by placing ads, selling products, adding affiliate links, and much more. Again, this is going to take considerable time and effort. While it is possible to make money by starting a website or blog you need to have your expectations in the right place, otherwise it’s highly likely you will be disappointed in the long run. Just make sure that if you do plan on starting your own blog, that you have a good hosting provider?secured in order to make sure you don’t have to deal with the headaches of your site being down on a regular basis.

The best way to make money online is the one that works for you and fits your skill set. There is simply no shortcut past some initial trial and error to find out what you are good at, what you like to do, etc. By having a realistic expectation of the time and work needed it is possible to make money online as long as you’re up to the effort.


What are some things you do in order to make money online? If you’re a blogger, what are some overlooked ways that people miss out on making money online?


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