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4 Signs It’s Time to Trade-In Your Car

4 Signs It's Time to Trade-In Your Car

Cars are expensive. Between the purchase price, the interest you pay on your loan, and the maintenance costs along the way, there is nothing cheap about owning a vehicle. With that said, most people don?t have a choice on this purchase. Unless you live in a big city and can rely on public transportation, you likely need to own a ... Read More »

5 Ways to Avoid Debt When You Buy Your Kid a Car

buy your kid a car

Deciding to buy your kid a car is a highly gratifying experience. You certainly want to help your children get off to a great start as they head toward adult life, and purchasing them a vehicle is a perfect way to do just that. No matter what they are setting out to accomplish, it is likely that they?ll need a ... Read More »

How to Budget for Your First Car

How to Budget for Your First Car

Acquiring your first car is a big step in your financial life. Most likely, your first car is going to be a used model, but that doesn?t matter. What?s important is that you are able to pay for it, and that it can get you around town successfully from day to day. Of course, you don?t want to get in ... Read More »

3 Ways to Save on Your Next Car Loan

car loan

Most people need to take out a loan when purchasing a car. There is no shame in that, of course ? cars cost tens of thousands of dollars, and very few of us have that kind of money just laying around. Fortunately, car loans usually come with very reasonable terms and a relatively short repayment time frame. If you care ... Read More »

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Car

buying a new car

If you are spending more on car repairs than you budgeted for and have an older model car, it could be time to upgrade to a new model. But with so many different makes, models and price points, where do you start when you are thinking about buying a new car? Before you rush right out and buy the first ... Read More »