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5 Reasons Your Budget Fails Every Month

5 Reasons Your Budget Fails Every Month

As you already know, budgeting is a key skill that can help you keep your finances on track in both the short and long-term. However, even if you take the time to craft a budget for your household, you might find that you have trouble hitting the mark each month. There can be a variety of reasons for coming up ... Read More »

5 Ways Credit Cards Can Be Good for Your Budget

credit cards

When you think about using a credit card, you might think about them in a negative light. Obviously, running up credit card debt is not desirable for your financial future, so many people choose to avoid cards altogether because of this concern. However, when used correctly – and responsibly – credit cards can be good for your budget. They are ... Read More »

3 Ways to Have a Frugal Night Out


Until I pay off my debt, I’m living on a pretty strict budget. I do allow myself a bit of “fun money” each month for entertainment and the like, but it’s very limited. If I were to continue to have nights out with my friends that were the same as before I started living on a budget, my “fun money” wouldn’t ... Read More »

Three Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Of course, we all hope that we would never have a need to use an emergency fund. In a perfect world, we would be able to plan our expenses well in advance, and make sure that we have the resources available to take care of our obligations. Unfortunately, that isn’t how the world works at times. Large financial expenses come ... Read More »