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How to Dispute a Bill and Win

How to Dispute a Bill and Win

How to Dispute a Bill and WinThe mail has arrived. When I was a child, getting mail was usually a joyous occasion. But now that I’m an adult getting the mail usually means bills or ads.

While bills are just a part of life, they can cause headaches when they are wrong. So, what do you do when you’ve been over-charge, or mis-charged on a bill? How you find out what is wrong and get it fixed? Below are some steps you need to take to dispute a bill and get a favorable outcome.

Ask for a Detailed Bill

If you think your bill is too much or you were charged wrongly, call and ask for a detailed bill. This can show you what you are billed for and how much each service costs. From here you can see more clearly if there was an error or if services were simply more expensive than you thought. Doing your research before blowing it out of proportion makes it an easier process for everyone.

Have Your Facts and Information Ready

It does no good to dispute a bill if you don’t ?have all your facts straight. For example, you may need to get previous bills out?to prove that you?ve paid on time and have a good history with a company. Or have an estimate handy before disputing a charge that was higher than what you were quoted.

Be Polite and Logical

The better behaved you are, the better your chances of making it through the correct channels to get your bill fixed. Being mean and callous gets you nowhere, especially when you aren?t talking to the person who can make it happen. Try to be logical and don?t let too much emotion get in the way. Something said in anger can easily make it hard to go back and get your bill fixed.

Ask to Speak to a Manager

The customer service reps usually can?t make decisions when you dispute a bill. So, it may be necessary to ask to speak to a manager to get some actions completed.

Be sure to write down the time, date and the name of the person who you speak with. This is especially important if you are trying to dispute a medical bill or credit card bill. With these large companies, you may not get the same person twice on the phone.

If you notice you aren?t getting anywhere with current representative, ask to speak to someone else or if there is someone else you should call. Remember they are human too. Shouting at the low man on the totem pole will get you nowhere.

Be Persistent

Call, call and then call some more. Send a request in writing, email or fax it in. The more persistent you are in calling, the more they will pay attention if you aren?t getting the attention you need. In your persistence, be sure to see the above for being polite, logical, etc.

Having to dispute a bill?can be frustrating. Be sure that you keep detailed notes of everything that you talked about and were told from the customer service representatives. If you have been told everything about your bill and the company wasn?t in the wrong, pay them their dues. Getting hot-headed and saying ?I?m not giving you another dime? will get you nowhere and will make it difficult in case you ever need to dispute a?bill again in the future. If you aren?t happy with your service, haggle, shop around, or look at going elsewhere for your services.


Have you ever had to dispute a bill? How have you handled billing disputes? What have you found that works?


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3 Reasons You Should Set Up a Bill Paying Schedule

bill paying schedule

bill paying scheduleThe worst part about becoming an adult is having to pay your bills.

Not only do you need to pay them, but they need to be paid on time and in full or you could face penalties in the form of fees or hits to your credit score.

It?s a pain, but you pay them on time and move on.

There are several ways to monitor how you pay your bills and make sure that you do pay them. The easiest way I’ve found is to set up a bill paying schedule.

A bill paying schedule is where you schedule out your bills to not only remind you to pay them, but also to help you manage what you owe and to help you plan for?paying off debt if you have any.

Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea to set up a bill paying schedule.

To Help You Remember to Pay Your Bills On Time

As mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of a bill paying schedule is to help you get your bills paid on time. This is probably the number one reason setting a bill paying schedule is important.

It?s okay to pay bills as they come in, but if you let them sit, they can get lost?in your mail pile or end up in the junk drawer. By setting a schedule of when bills?come and when you pay them every month, you can avoid this scenario. Plus you may also be able to designate a certain?area where bills go until they are paid on your assigned bill pay schedule. This will help you to know where they are so nothing gets lost. Another way to accomplish this same idea is using a tool like Personal Capital. Personal Capital is free to use and allows you to monitor all your accounts in one place so you can easily keep track of expense.

You?Can Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

By planning a schedule of when your bills are paid and which paycheck the money is coming out of, you’ll be able to manage your budget and money better. You might even be able to start saving money, even if your budget is limited.

Instead of spending too much on other things, only to find out you don’t have enough funds to pay bills, you’ll know what needs to come out of your account and when. This way you can make sure you have the funds you need to pay the bills. This system takes effort and constant diligence, especially at first, but it pays off in the long run.

You Know When Online Bills Are Paid

Online bill pay is a great way to manage your bills. Unfortunately, it?s also a great way to forget when and what comes out of your checking account. With a bill schedule, you’ll know what is coming out and can plan your expenses around that?schedule. This way there is no last minute panic of ?there?s not enough here to cover my dinner.” You’ll be smarter, and know when it?s time to pop open that can of beanie weenies instead of having a steak dinner.

Setting up a bill paying schedule?is not hard and it doesn?t take that much time. Take an evening a week or every two weeks to sit down and write those checks or pay online.

Knowing where your money is going is the key to saving, getting out of debt, and watching for fraudulent charges. Once you get in the groove of actively managing your money and bills, it?s not hard to keep it up and smartly manage your finances.


Do you have a bill paying schedule? Have you ever lost track of a bill and ended up with extra fees?


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