How to Survive College by Tutoring Online

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tutoring onlineThe current economic climate has left a lot of people feeling a bit tight on their budgets. To some, this can only be a mild inconvenience that stops them from an occasional indulgence. To others, it can become a matter of survival.

While it is not unsound advice to encourage thriftiness and frugality for college students, this is not always an option. For those who need to throw hundreds of dollars on textbooks, it means passing down on good health care or a healthy meal.

These kind of situations can generate anxiety and stress for most college students ? which ends up affecting their academic performance.

Most college students are already juggling their education and one part- or full-time job to make ends meet. ?This, in itself, is quite remarkable, especially when you consider the huge academic loads they are also carrying. For this reason alone, it might be very hard for a student to take a second job, even if having an extra income would help their cause

Now, we all know that sacrifices must be made at some point in our lives to hopefully enjoy a better future. And, while these students are definitely investing in their future well-being, their present state should also be considered. Working yourself half-to-death for books and tuition could end up causing more harm than good in the long run.

This is why you should consider online tutoring to help you make ends meet and survive college.

Online Tutoring as a Way to Catch a Break

The good thing is, though, that college students possess two qualities that make them the perfect candidates to serve as online tutors: the knowledge they have acquired during their year in college and the experience of navigating the world that they acquired, well, since before they went on to college.

Also, chances are that most students have, at least, some informal teaching experience; whether it be from explaining something to a fellow classmate or an underclassman. And, even when this is lacking, they have first-hand experience being taught and have, for sure, determined which methods are more effective when it comes to transmitting knowledge.

What are the Advantages of Online Tutoring?

For college students, the most clear-cut advantage to online tutoring is the flexible schedule they?d be allowed to take. Since online tutors select their own working hours, they will never have to worry about their routines clashing. See, with online tutoring, the tutor gets to decide what times of the day will be devoted to the work. So, for days that are completely hectic, the student would have the freedom to simply not check-in to work. And, in the days of complete leisure, the student could choose to spend their entire day devoted to the work.

Another advantage is the freedom to choose which subjects to teach about. A student with a current major in Literature, for example, could teach English and Writing while a student with a major in Business Administration, could teach economics and finances. And, for those with multidisciplinary talents, could make their teaching experience as varied as they?d like because while the tutors can choose to specialize in their areas of interest, this does not limit their ability to take on other subjects.

Where to Settle In?

If you do decide to take on the task, there are different platforms available that will let you set up shop. The signup process is usually rather simple: register, create your profile, and set your rates. Now, depending on the platform the modality of teaching might change which is why I?d recommend you to go through as many in order to find your perfect fit. For first time tutors, the best options can be:

  • WizIQ offers various ways for you to handle your tutoring business. Here, you will be able to set up private classes or group lectures. You choose your hourly rates for both kind of lectures,
  • Studypool lets you handle tutoring on a Question and Answer basis. You bid to take control of a question and then get paid once you have answered. Notebank, a feature which allows you to upload your notes, and get paid by those who wish to buy them.
  • BuddySchool like WizIQ, lets you choose between personal and group lectures. It has its own grading system which students use to give you a score depending on your performance. The higher you score, the greater the amount of students coming your way will be.

Keep in mind that your attitude will be as important as your knowledge. Be kind with your student and, if you can, bask in the noble pursuit that is sharing information. This kind of job might not just fill your pockets but also your soul. Oh, and one more thing: Never forget to spend wisely.


Have you ever done any online tutoring? Did you consider online tutoring to make money in college?


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