5 Ways to Find More Time for a Side Hustle

5 Ways to Find More Time for a Side Hustle

5 Ways to Find More Time for a Side HustleThe infamous side hustle.

These days, it seems pretty common for people to have something they do alongside their day job?to earn extra money. Sometimes it?s a hobby that they have found a way to make a little money?off of, or they might have a “home business” selling something like Pampered Chef or Avon.

Whether you use your side hustle to save?for a vacation or to further your financial goals, making a little money on the side is always a good thing. If you are thinking about trying a side hustle, here are some ways you can find more time for a side hustle.

Wake Up Earlier

Some days it may seem that there aren?t enough hours in the day to do everything you want. But you can add hours to your week by becoming an early bird. By starting your day earlier, you can have an hour or two extra to get some more work done on your hustle. It may seem hard at first, but it usually only takes a few days to get used to waking up earlier.

Utilize Your Weekends

There are a lot of hours during the weekend. By taking a few hours out of your weekend, you can devote time to your side gig instead of a mindless activity like watching TV. You don?t have to spend all weekend working, but by using just a few hours to work on your side hustle, you can make a lot of extra money every month.

Make the Most of Your Evenings

Coming home and binge watching Netflix may sound?great, but it doesn?t allow you to attend to your side business. If you give up this time sucking habit, there will usually be a couple of hours in the evening that you can devote to your side hustle. Finding two hours to work in the evenings gives you an extra 14 hours a week you can devote to making extra money. But even if you only work in the evenings five days a week, that’s still an extra ten hours each week.

Plan Your Days Carefully

Planning your days doesn’t work out perfectly 100 percent of the time, but by setting aside specific hours during the day or scheduling evening and weekend activities ahead of time, you can squeeze every?drop of time from your week. If your side hustle requires daytime meetings from time to time, maybe you can schedule your lunch around those, adding value to your business while still working your regular job.

Move to a Part-Time Position at Work

This may seem like a drastic way to make time for your side hustle, but it could be a feasible option for some. If your side business is growing to the point where you are making enough income to live on, it might be?feasible to reduce work hours at your day job to part-time so you can devote more time to?working on growing your side business.

However, keep in mind that if you approach your supervisor to ask about switching to part-time instead of full-time, they could choose to fire you instead. Plus, some companies may not offer part-time positions. Before you approach your supervisor to find out about switching to part-time, make sure you could support yourself with your business or another job if you were fired instead.

If your side business is growing and you feel passionate about?it, you can probably find the time to devote to it. Side hustles are a great way to bring in extra income and follow your passion.


How have you found time for a?side hustle? Are there other ways to make time for a side hustle?


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  1. These are some great tips. I know that I can be very “selfish” with my spare time. I KNOW that I can make time by following these ideas but I lack motivation some days… I guess that just means that the side hustle (and income that comes with it) hasn’t bubbled up as a top priority yet. Financial success is often dependent on ruthless prioritization to make sure the things get done that we know need to get done.

    • Kayla Sloan says:

      That’s a good point! If you really don’t need the money, maybe a side hustle isn’t the best use of your time. There’s something to be said for taking time to relax or spending it with friends and family.

  2. Liz says:

    I actually asked my boss if I could do some of my task at home every weekend. He approved it, and as a matter of fact, I earn a bit more and wouldn’t have to go to office every weekend. And, I consider it as a side hustle. I am glad that I did ask it.

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