The Wise Dollars Mid-May 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

Mid May Blog Posts

Mid May Blog PostsHere?s my Mid May favorite blog posts, a few days late but I suppose better than never! It?s been hectic the last couple of weeks. Actually it?s been hectic the last month and a half. The new job is demanding on time, extremely demanding! Mind you, I?m not complaining. I?m enjoying what I?m doing and although there?s a lot of travel, I am learning a lot and am with a company that is a pleasure to work for.?Unfortunately, it leaves little time for my blog.

With the demands on my time that my new job is placing on me, as well as my other family obligations, something has to give. Unfortunately it?s been the Wise Dollar.?I’ve?not been putting in much time into the blog or blogging in general. I?m still reading and occasionally commenting, but not with the volume or intensity that I have in the past.

I don?t plan on pulling the plug though.?I’ve?put too much time and effort into The Wise Dollar to stop now. What you?ll likely see is less posts (but hopefully high quality ones).?I’ve?had a few guest posts recently and they have been quite welcome! A big thanks to the contributors that have submitted posts, especially to Kevin Watts who runs a great blog, ?Graduating from Debt?. Kevin submitted an extremely well written and thoughtful post, Why Budgeting Will Change Your Life.

In any event, Here are the Wise Dollars favorite Blog Posts for the first half of March

This is from Repaid.Org?A 7-Piece Tool Kit For Personal Finance?What can I say, I am a tool addict!

Daniel writes about?5 Crazy Ways People Waste Money?On Sweating the Big Stuff. Every single one of his examples of how people waste money are dead on and are the things that leave me scratching my head wondering why people are so wasteful!

Grayson at Debt Roundup gives us Why I Shut Down My Profitable Online Business. This is a true story on why quality of life can and should take precedence over making money. You can be wealthy and miserable, but there should also be a middle ground somewhere that can strike a balance where you are both well off and happy (or at least happier). Thanks Grayson!

Harry at Your Personal Finance Pro brings us,?The Best Ways to Avoid Paying Taxes?I can’t stand paying taxes and I’ll read anything that has some good suggestions on keeping more of my money in my pocket!

From Money and Potatoes comes?5 Tips to Save Money and Cut Your Budget?There’s some good tips on saving money and reducing your bills. Well worth a read!

Congratulations?to ?Fearless Men on hitting their?one year milestone! I’m learning the hard way that even hitting six months with a blog is a major accomplishment. Hitting a year deserves Champaign and celebration! Congrats guys.

INBOX ZERO WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE comes from Andrew at Listen Money Matters. I use my inbox as a to do list. Unfortunately, that doesn?t work out very well at times. Inbox zero looks to be worth taking a look at.

From Christopher at Stumble Forward comes ?Dining Out and Identity Theft: Restaurant Credit Card Scams This is something that is usually somewhere in the back of my mind, but not visible enough to worry about. It?s a good reminder that your credit card can be abused at a restaurant. I recently saw a TV show where the staff was ?spied? on and it was even caught on tape, an employee was actually swiping customer?s cards to his own account on his smartphone!

How To Invest In A Bull Market was posted on The First Million Is the Hardest. Good advice considering the current bull market. I would add that putting trailing stops under profitable positions should be part of your bull market investment strategy as well.

Paul from the Frugal Toad brings us Frugal Living with Children ? Lessons from Mom , These are great tips on saving money and teaching your kids frugality. Money saving lessons that they will remember and use with their own kids. Of course by that time, as good grandparents, we?ll spoil the hell out of the grandkids. Hopefully not so bad that they?ll forget all the good frugality lessons they?ll be getting from their parents!

Blog Mentions for the first half of May

Thanks for everyone who mentioned the Wise Dollar during the first half of May. It’s much appreciated! If you mentioned The Wise Dollar and you are not on this list, let me know and I will gladly add you!

Counters ? I Love Counters Don?t You?

[countup date=2009/04/DD-29]

It has been [timer], Since the United States has had a Budget enacted into law!!

[countup date=2013/04/DD-4]

[timer], Since I have had a Real Cigarette

On a Completely Different Note – Parting Blog Shot

1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation

Regardless of whether you are in the pro or anti-gun faction you should reads this. It’s not a rumor and it’s not?conspiracy?theory, it’s complete and utter fiscal irresponsibility. The DHS is buying up ammunition at a rate that is unfathomable, and enough, according to Forbes, to field a “hot” war for 20 years. Seriously? What in the world are they planning to do with all that ammo? Are they just following an anti gun agenda policy being handed down to them by the powers that be? I don’t know their reasons but can say that spending that much money during a period of fiscal sequestration, for whatever reason, is?irresponsible?beyond?belief. Oh, and what in the hell does DHS need armored MRAP vehicles with gun ports for? Maybe we should be worried…….


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  1. Sorry to hear that you are so busy Jose, but glad that you are enjoying the job. You have to deal with your priorities. I really appreciate the mention of my post and glad you enjoyed it.

    • John says:

      My pleasure Grayson! There are a few blogs I make it a point to read even when time is short and yours is one of them!

  2. Pauline says:

    Congrats on the no smoking! I hope the new job is going great.

  3. Thanks Jose! It wasn’t easy making it 1 year but definitely worth it. Also, congrats on going 45 days without a cig. I quit about 4 years ago and so glad I did.

    • John says:

      My pleasure John! I plan on keeping this going for at least a year. I’ll just have to scrape for more time. Actually, what i need to do is really make more effective use of my time. Time management is not one of my strong suits, I think this might be a post in the making 🙂

  4. Huge congrats on you decision to quit smoking Jose! Thanks so much for the mention as well!

  5. Potato Head says:

    Hey Jose, Glad you are liking the new job even though your super busy. As for the blog posts, we will definitely take quality over quantity, so don’t feel like you need to rush stuff out to keep us happy. Huge thanks for the shout out in your post!! BTW, I agree the DHS stuff is fishy as well, no reason for that much ammo…especially since they aren’t part of the military, ya know the ones that actually fights our wars.

    • John says:

      Wrapped around the axles seems to be an understatement. I’ll keep the articles coming, just less of them. DHS – Department of Homeland Stupidity?

  6. Glad the job is going well, and big congrats on 46 days of smoke free!!!!! Some days I fear the DHS more than I fear any enemy country we may encounter. Yup, something’s fishy.

  7. Thanks for the mention Jose, I really appreciate it.

  8. AverageJoe says:

    It’s great to read that you’re lovin’ the new job, man! Sometimes there’s a honeymoon period and then it’s gone, but this sounds like a great fit. Good reads here!

  9. Thanks for the list Jose. I am working on creating some great posts, maybe I will make your list soon. Keep on blogging!

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  11. […] Bank, Cents and Sensibility, Money Reasons, KNS Financial, iHeart Budgets, Making Sense of Cents, Wise Dollar, Life and My Finances […]

  12. John says:

    They most definitely are, especially if you’re dining at a more expensive restaurant! Luckily, most credit card companies can catch a lot of these scams.

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