How to Dress Up for Holiday Parties on the Cheap

Holiday Parties

glasses-919071_640I know it?s just now time for Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, holiday parties are right around the corner. When I still worked full-time in my office job, I had at least four holiday parties to attend each year, not counting the ones that were only for my family.

My company had two Christmas parties, one with the board of directors and one with only the employees. I also had a Christmas party to attend for my part-time job, and the fourth party was one that became a tradition with my best friends.

Holiday parties are fun because they give you a change to dress up more than you normally would, and break out lots of bling. After all, it is a celebration! 🙂

That being said, the holidays can get quite expensive if you don?t pay attention to the costs of buying fancy outfits for all of your holiday parties. Luckily I found a few ways to keep my costs down and still like holiday party ready.

Mix and Match

It?s kind of taboo to wear the exact same out to more than one holiday party, at least in my book. It wouldn?t be nearly as big of a deal, but one of my friends also attends three out of four of the same holiday parties that I do.

It?s not too big of a deal to wear the same pieces if you mix and match them at different parties. For example, last year I wore a pretty lace shirt to more than one party. At one of them I paired it with a long black skirt and at another I paired it dark wash jeans. I also wore different accessories and makeup with each outfit.

These small changes gave each of the outfits a different look and I was able to wear essentially the same pieces more than one time, which really helps cut down on costs.

Stick to the Classics

As I mentioned, a long black skirt and dark wash jeans are part of my holiday party wardrobe, but I also wear them for lots of other occasions. This means they are not ?one hit wonders? that I only pull out of my closet for holiday parties.

It?s a lot cheaper per wear if you stick to basic items that can be worn the rest of the year too, or at least be worn for holiday parties on multiple years. That?s what I do with my lace shirt. It?s a little too dressy for normal office wear, but I have worn it for holiday parties for more than just one year.

Consider Your Accessories

I really love wearing bling during the holidays, but I didn?t want to buy an expensive dress or shirt with lots of bling that might come off the first time through the washer. Instead I add bling with my accessories to save money.

I have a pretty beaded scarf, a beaded belt, and some [easyazon_link keywords=”rhinestone jewelry” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”wisedollar-20″]rhinestone jewelry[/easyazon_link] that I use to add some sparkle to my outfits. None of these things is over the top so I can wear them during the rest of the year too, not just during holiday parties. But since they are things that aren?t subject to going through the washer and dryer, which is really hard on your clothes, I don?t have to worry about the bling coming un-attached from them anytime soon.


How do you dress for holiday parties on a budget? Do you attend more than one holiday party each year? Do you think it?s taboo to wear the exact same outfit at more than one party?


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  1. Jayson says:

    Mix and match strategy has done lots of good things to me and helped save money because doing this, I don’t have to buy clothes anymore for special occasion. All I need to do is to have some creativity and help from my wife.

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