Don?t Let Debt Hold You Back From Your Dreams

read-369040_640When you are deep in debt and you are working hard to throw every penny you can toward paying it off, it?s easy to lose sight of everything else going on in life around you. You forget that while you are busy working extra hours, devoting time to a side hustle, and clipping coupons life hasn?t slowed down.

This fact has recently hit home for me as I?ve had lots of life changes happen this past year. Although I didn?t make as much progress on my debt as I wanted to when I set my goals for 2015, I am happy to say that I didn?t let debt hold me back from pursuing my dreams this year.

Despite being in debt, I accomplished my goal of quitting my full-time job to run my business from home full-time instead. I was also able to travel across the country to attend a conference. I had a blast while I was there and the trip more than paid for itself with new opportunities for my business.

That doesn?t mean that everyone who is in debt should necessarily quit their jobs to become self-employed, and self-employment certainly isn?t everyone?s dream. My point is that I finally decided I wasn?t going to let my debt hold me back from my dreams and you shouldn?t either.

Work Hard to Pay Off Debt

Debt (and interest) is a huge money suck and can really take away from your ability to pursue your dreams. While not everything worth having or doing in life costs money, some things do. It can be difficult to pursue these dreams when debt is taking away all of your extra cash each month.

This is why paying off debt is crucial to most peoples? plans to pursue their dreams. Most of the time it makes sense to pay off debt and free up monthly cash flow before making any big changes in life.

?But Don?t Forget to Take (Calculated) Risks

Sometimes it?s just not possible to wait until your debt is paid off to make a change and pursue your dreams. Along with the positive changes I made in my life this year, I also experienced some bad days and some sad reminders that you can?t always wait to pursue your dreams.

Earlier this year I lost a friend of mine due to an auto accident. She was only a few years older than me and her passing was unexpected. This was a really sad time in my small community, but it also served as a reminder that you never know what can happen.

This was just one more thing that finally pushed me to quit my job and take my business full-time. Of course I was scared, especially since I still have debt to pay off, but I knew that my happiness was more important. If anything, I use the fact that I have debt to pay off as a motivation to work hard each and every day to make sure I?m earning enough money in my business.

Even though I?m working more than I ever have before and I?m more tired at the end of the day (being creative for hours on end is exhausting), I?m also happier than I have been in years. I know that I?m pursuing my dreams and not letting my debt hold me back.

I?m still going to get my debt paid off, but in the meantime I?m also going to take the time to enjoy my life and keep on dreaming.


What are you dreaming of? Is your debt holding you back?


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I do think that I was too focused on debt repayment when I should have been focusing on other goals and maybe even indulging in a couple more of my husband’s whims. But that’s in the past, so now I’m just trying to find a good balance between saving for what we need (this year it was $25k for oral surgery in 2016) and still enjoying life. I need to remember to not constantly live in the future.

  2. Jayson says:

    Sorry to hear that Kayla. But, I know this experience taught you a valuable lesson and there’s a new year to come. I hope yours will be great! Keep on dreaming! That’s the perspective! Good luck.

  3. Cody says:

    Kayla, that’s the spirit! You just showed that dreams come true when you pursue it and beat all odds. Congrats! Happy Holidays!

  4. Mrs. lewis says:

    Great post! I’m here going up against the same trials. Friends are getting married, having babies, buying homes and I’m sacrificing those milestones to pay off as much debt as possible. But I can see 40 year old Mrs. Lewis proud to be debt free and able to buy herself cheeseburger, if she wants one. =) good luck and keep on the straight and narrow.

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