5 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Yourself

home improvement

home improvementHome improvement projects can be fun ? but they are almost always expensive. Good materials are not cheap, and you might even have to buy new tools in order to complete the work properly. However, there are actually a few potential home improvement jobs hiding around your home that can be handled on a reasonable budget.

If you would like to give part of your home a fresh look without blowing through your entire bank account, please take a moment to review the cheap home improvement ideas you can do yourself that are listed below.

Fresh Fixtures

To give new life to your kitchen or bath, consider replacing the fixtures while leaving everything else alone. This will only work if your kitchen or bath is in decent condition, but if so, new fixtures can have a surprising impact for a low cost. Also, this home improvement idea has the benefit of requiring very little in the way of labor time or effort.

Improve Closet Function

Wire closet systems have become extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason. These systems are affordable, functional, and easy to install. If you don?t feel like you are getting great use out of your existing closet space, try adding a storage system to find room for more of your things. Closet space is one of the important features that homebuyers look for as well, so this project could help your resale prospects.

Creative Lighting

Light fixtures can be relatively affordable at your local home store, and they are another way to give your house a fresh look. As long as you aren?t adding any new lights to areas that aren?t already wired, this is a job that shouldn?t take you more than an hour or two. Also, adding great lighting can be a boost to the way your home looks while it is on sale, so this is another point that can benefit those hoping to move in the near future.

Fresh Plants

Perhaps one of the best ways to improve the look and ?feel? of your home on the cheap is to add some fresh plants. You can pick up small plants for just a few dollars, and planting them in the ground only requires a shovel, some soil, and a little effort. Even if you don?t consider yourself to be a ?green thumb?, you can still brighten up the exterior of your home through the use of colorful plants and gardens.

Swap Out Carpet for Laminate

This home improvement project may or may not fit in with your definition of ?cheap? but it certainly can have a great impact on your home. If you have carpet that is wearing out within a particular room, consider removing it and installing laminate flooring. Laminate floors today look great, are relatively affordable, and can be installed by most homeowners who have some basic DIY skills. In addition to giving your home a great look, your laminate floor should also last far longer than any carpet, meaning you will save money on flooring over the long run.


Have you tackled any of these home improvement projects yourself? What other home improvement projects are on your list and within your budget?


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  1. Kelly says:

    I grow my own vegetables. I have some herbs inside the house and some veggies outside. It actually improve and freshen up the look of my house, aside that I can save some money because I don’t have to get them from the market.

  2. Painting the wall is I think another one cheap home improvement. It’s really an exciting thing to do to combine and mix and match color paints based on furniture and preference.

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