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Military Cost Cutters App Review- Money-Saving App for Veterans

Due to health conditions like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and Anxiety disorder, many war veterans in the United States are going through a tough time. Not to mention, other post-war symptoms like disability, substance abuse and weakening of relationships.

Nine percent of the overall veteran population in the U.S is homeless, says a report by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. Military Cost Cutters is an app that connects veteran-owned businesses and customers with a military background and vice versa.

About the Creator of Military Cost Cutters

This app was created in the year 2012 by a Marine Corps veteran Aaron Serrano. Erin is based in Davenport, Iowa and wishes to do his best to help out his brother and sisters who need some financial assistance. He created this app with the sole purpose to improve the sales of military-friendly businesses by connecting them with ex-soldiers in the same region.

How Does the Military Cost Cutters App Work?

military app

To start making a truckload of savings this year, sign up with the Military Cost Cutter by clicking on the Sign-up button at the top of the screen, refer to the image above. It takes about 30 seconds to fill out all your information. Don?t worry, they won?t be asking you any sensitive or personal information. Just your name, location, and phone number. Next, download the free smartphone app from the relevant marketplace. It?s available for both Android and iOS devices.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, you now can move to the important part. To find the best deals in the town, enter your city name or let the GPS locate you. You will get lost of all military friendly businesses offering you services that you queried for. Next, when checking out, you do need to verify your identity by scanning your ID card. Make sure you capture the headshot. That?s it. Now you can visit the store and claim your discounted products/services.

What I Like About Military Cost Cutters App

For a war veteran, it is essential that they are respected and adored everywhere they go. It is rare for people to recognize the work that soldiers do. Hence, visiting a military-friendly business makes a war veteran feel like home.

Secondly, there are several merchants offering massive discounts for war veterans but there is no way to find out which merchant to visit. Usually, vets are forced to ask the merchants for a discount. Which can be a bit embarrassing. This app solves this particular problem. 

What I Don’t Like About Military Cost Cutters App

There?s not much to dislike about this app but they do not have discount stores in the Southern part of the country. Most of the discount stores seem to be present in the Northern US. Also, some veterans face problems while creating accounts. The app doesn?t pick up its exact location via GPS.

My Recommendation

I recommend Military Cost Cutters App to army veterans who wish to save some money on groceries, clothes, and necessary things of daily living. Depending on the product or service you are looking for, you can expect discounts of up to 50 percent.


Military Cost Cutters App is completely free. You can download the Android app by clicking here and the iOS app by clicking here.

Product Report Card Review- Get Paid to Share Your Opinions

product report card

If you already have experienced the magic of survey sites, you should look into another amazing survey site called Product Report Card. As the name suggests, the site is based on the opinions and feedback of product users.

However, unlike other sites like InboxDollars, YouGov or SurveyClub, this platform is a bit complex and hence intended for advanced surveyors only. A newbie can explore Product Report Card without anything to lose, but it?s always better to be prepared for what?s about to come.

About the Creator of Product Report Card

Product Report Card is a Texas-based fintech firm founded in the year 2001. This survey site is run and maintained by Softlayer technologies–the father company. Zac McGrath, an entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast founded this company to help major organizations like Gillette and Ikea understand their customer well. This is a market research company that pays you for your opinions, reviews, and feedback on a variety of products.

How Does the Product Report Card Work?


To begin your money-making journey with Product Report Card, you simply have to sign-up for free completing a series of questionnaires. This is the most tedious and boring part of Product Report Card. Looking at the length of the forms, most people give up thinking this is just a scam website that need personal information.

The questionnaires are called Profiles. There is a separate profile for each facet of your life like household, employment, mobile phone, health, the products you use, etc. None of the above profile will ever ask your bank details. Still, if you find comfortable providing the general details of your life, go ahead and sign-up. Or else, kindly look for another survey site.

What I Like About Product Report Card

I like the fact that Product Report Card is not just a survey site. There is more than one way to earn money. If you fit the criteria, Product Report Card can also offer you an opportunity to do product review–they send free product for you to use and review. Furthermore, you can also participate in studies done by nation?s biggest labs and research centers.

What I Don’t Like About Product Report Card

The process of creating a profile is quite lengthy. There are a total of ten forms you need to fill up before moving ahead with the survey. Although, once you get through this phase, things get easier. You will also realize why Product Report Card needs so much of your personal information.

Product Report Card- Legit or Scam?

Product Report Card is not a scam. However, some users have complained of getting disqualified after or during the process of the survey. This can be really frustrating as your effort and time are wasted.

However, please note that this is only the case for people with weak profiles. For instance, major corporations do not value the feedback provided by immigrants staying in the United States or Canada. They want people who have are long-term residents of North America.

How to Save More Money in 2020

Save Money

Did you save more than 20 percent of your total yearly income in 2019??

If the answer to the above question is yes, then congratulations, you are on the right path. If not, then there is work to do in 2020. Whether you can successfully save the recommended percentage of income each month or not, it never hurts to learn new and inventive ways to save your hard-earned money.

Here Are the New Ways to Save More Money in 2020

1) Adhere to a Budget

If you were not able to stick to a budget in 2019, this year, you have a great opportunity to save some more money from your monthly wage. Creating a budget is not easy. Also, it is difficult to lay a one-size-fits-all budget that can be used by every single person. Creating a budget is a personal thing and the best way to start is by transferring a set amount from your salary account to a savings account.?

2) Keep the Expenses to Minimal in the First Three Months

Like myself and everyone else, you too must have splashed more cash during the holidays that you initially planned. A festive season is known to make you spend more. Sometimes even to an irrational and absurd level. I am hoping you will be able to recuperate the extra spending by keeping the expenses to the minimum in the first three months of the year 2020.

3) Let go of Unhealthy Habits

In the coming year, you can save more money by letting go of unhealthy habits. Did you know that smoking a pack of cigarettes a week can cost you around $624 a year? According to a trusted source, a pack of cigarettes in a place like New York City costs $13. I have already done the math for you. In addition, you can also save a ton on medical expenses by enrolling in a $10 per month gym. Stay healthy, stay disease-free in 2020!

4) Switch from CFL to LED lights

This one trick can save you $75 each year. Also, it is criminal to still have traditional incandescents running in your home. According to a US government website, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents.?

In addition, they can last about 25 times longer than any other form of an artificial light source. The report also concluded with a mind-boggling fact. A traditional incandescent bulb’s life is about 1000 hours, whereas, a 12 watt LED can last for about 25,000 hours. See the difference for yourself!


Before you begin your money-saving journey in this new year, I would like to remind you something that you already know. There are some principles of personal finance that are not going to change regardless of the year.?

Surely, in 2020, due to technological advancements, you can make some shifts here and there. But make sure you do not divert from the core principles of saving money. 

How to Stay Calm in a Personal Financial Crisis

financial crisis

Have you made some poor financial choices in the past? Want to learn how to manage the financial stress the right way?

Unfortunately, you have ended up in this dire situation. There are plenty of people who end up in a financial crisis because of the misinformation that is out there about “how money works”. People are forced to sell their prized assets to get out of such a situation. Imagine filing for bankruptcy twice and then losing your job. How would you tackle such a tough situation?

What is a personal financial crisis? How to know you are in one?

First, you need to understand what this predicament is. In general, a financial crisis is a situation when institutions lose their value in the market. As a result, the entire industry or a particular sector collapses. Unlike an economic crisis, a financial crisis is localized and does not affect the entire economy of the nation. It is viewed more as a setback than a total disaster.

When it comes to a personal financial crisis, things are not that different. It involves you running out of money due to credit card debt, inability to pay your mortgage, losing your job, losing the sole breadwinner of the family, or an acute injury/illness to a family member. There are several more reasons why you might end up in a personal financial crisis, but these are the common ones.

What are some ways to stay calm during a personal financial crisis?

1) Take your mind off of the financial crisis

Sometimes a temporary escape from the situation is the best solution for stress. I am not asking you to be ignorant of your situation or pretend as if everything is fine. But sometimes financial stress like any other stress can throw us off balance. Hence it is essential to partake in constructive activities like yoga, sports, going out with friends and meditation.

2) Create a budget

A budget is an estimate of your income and expenses for a set period. So, if you plan to better your financial situation in the next 3 months, make sure you have a sheet with income and potential expenses listed side by side. You can create a 3 month budget on a piece of paper of spreadsheet software. Doing this will eliminate needless worry and panic attacks.

3) Educate yourself about finances


Self-help is one of the best ways to tackle financial stress and worry. Reading books on financial education will help you understand the fundamentals of money. Learn how to make, save and invest money wisely. I recommend reading books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and “More than Enough” by Dave Ramsey. Remember the lessons taught by these financial gurus and you will never fall in the debt trap again.


A personal financial crisis can be a bit overwhelming. But you cannot improve your situation without, first, taking the right decisions and then acting upon them. Don’t waste your time finding shortcuts to escape the situation you are in. There are no shortcuts. The best way to tackle financial stress is the have a calm mind throughout the tough period.

How to be a Disciplined Trader in Forex Market

stock market

Discipline is crucial for the currency traders in Forex. To maintain quality executions of the trades, it is necessary to be a disciplined trader. But you need to accept it from their heart. They must commit to the trading business and decide on a proper trading approach. Otherwise, the approaches will be wrong and the majority of your position sizing will bring losses. There are multiple opportunities in the markets every day for a trader. But without sorting out a proper plan for the trading business, it is not possible to trade efficiently.

stock market

If you think of 3 or 4 trades a day, it has to be maintained. It is possible when you will use price correlation and trade with multiple instruments. For example, you can easily execute two trades with USD/JPY and USD/CHF currency pairs. As there is a matter of price correlation present with the fundamental analysis, the traders can easily get multiple opportunities. But it is necessary to get some discipline in your trading business first. We will discuss more on how to improve discipline in your trading business.

Use a daily trading strategy

To ensure a solid trading business with discipline, you need a proper trading method. Among the four, (scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading) you need to select the right one for you. Majority of the rookie traders would like the short term trading processes. We are not saying the scalping and day trading is bad for the trading business. You will just have to prepare a proper trading strategy which complements the idea of short term trading.

Using simple risk exposures with a 1% risk per trade strategy is good for the trades. Afterward, you also need to improve their market analysis strategy to ensure proper executions. Simple concepts like multiple timeframe analysis (for example, hour chart, Four hour and daily charts) is necessary to understand the market condition and volatility. Prepare the perfect plan which suits your trading performance. 

Define the proper trade setups

We have already discussed the risk exposure setup for the trades. If you can follow the 1% risk per trade strategy, it will already keep you low with the investment. You can improve the quality of trading even more with proper leverages. Some investors in Hong Kong may think of it as a chance to trade a higher lot size. Being a novice trader in Forex, it is necessary to be safe with the trading capital. With your trades, you will need to keep the money management strategy the same as 1% risk per trade. The actual investment in the trades needs to be lowered down with decent leverage.

For the rookies, it is good to stick with 1:10 for each trades. There are more to the trades than just risk exposures. You need to use stop-loss and take-profit based on the position sizing of the trades. It may seem hard for the novice traders but with a proper plan, everything will be easy. You can easily define proper position sizing and stop-loss using proper risk exposure.?

Trade without hesitations

When you have the plans and risk management ready for the trades, there must not be any hesitations. No traders should mix their emotions with the trading business. If it happens, the performance in the business will not be good at all. Just plan to trade regularly based on your preferred trading method. If it is set and you have a proper trading routine, go for execution based on the perfect market condition.

If there are no good opportunities to trade for, you would not need to execute any trade. Only the trade setup, trading plans, and money management will count for a reputed and profitable trading business.