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How to Shop Smart for Groceries


Grocery shopping is something that we all do, but how many of us truly enjoy it or are “smart” at doing it. Sure, we can drive to the grocery store and pick some food off the shelves for us and our families to eat, but what kind of deal are we getting? As we started our family and lived much ... Read More »

How to Prepare Your Child for College

prepare your child for college

That little bundle of joy you brought home from the hospital what seems like yesterday will be headed off to college before you know it. Do you know how to prepare your child for college? What are some of the steps you should take to make sure your child is prepared to enter his first day of life as a ... Read More »

3 Ways to Dispose of Your Clutter


Along with trying to get out of debt, I’m also trying to dispose of clutter in my life and in my house. I really believe clutter and debt go hand in hand, after all both can be caused by excessive shopping for things you don’t really need. I’ve been on my journey to get rid of clutter and debt for just ... Read More »

3 Ways to Have a Frugal Night Out


Until I pay off my debt, I’m living on a pretty strict budget. I do allow myself a bit of “fun money” each month for entertainment and the like, but it’s very limited. If I were to continue to have nights out with my friends that were the same as before I started living on a budget, my “fun money” wouldn’t ... Read More »

Fun and Cheap Christmas Activities for Kids

The holidays are generally a time to spend money, and much of that money is focused on kids. We always set a fairly low budget for Christmas gifts for our kids, and along with that, we work to do some other fun and cheap Christmas activities for kids – activities that enhance the joy of the holiday season without breaking ... Read More »