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Best Peer to Peer Travel Platforms to Save Money

travel platform

Do you want to travel the world at one-fourth of the price that regular travelers pay? Peer to peer travel is a new way to travel without having to pay full price on hotels, food, travel, and experiences. Peer to peer travel has literally opened the door for millions of backpackers to new countries that they could never afford to ... Read More »

5 Online Stores That Let You Try Before You Buy

Online store

You must be pretty acquainted with the try before you buy model of clothing stores and street-side outlets. Every store has a trial room where you can try out the item and make sure it fits right. This saves you time and energy as you don’t have to come back to the store to return the item– in case it ... Read More »

How do I evaluate my Portfolio?s Performance Compared to Averages?

The success of the portfolio cannot be determined based on its returns. There have been ways to evaluate the performance of a collection in the past. None have the design that considers both risks and returns simultaneously. Ever since 1960s investors have either found the risk or the basis has been the returns. There are specific ways one can think ... Read More »

How to Build your Mutual Fund?

Before we think of building our mutual funds, it is essential to know what mutual funds are. Having a clear understanding is necessary for a successful investment in mutual funds. A lot of individual stocks together make up mutual funds. The portfolio manager buys and sells your shares on your behalf when you invest in mutual funds. The expenses of ... Read More »

An Introduction to Bitcoin


Bitcoin is basically a payment system which is based on the peer to peer mechanism. It is a form of the digital currency which was initially introduced in the financial market as open source software. Understanding the concept of the bitcoin The bitcoin first came into vogue in the year 2009. This open source software was initially developed by the ... Read More »