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Binary Options and the Novice Investor

novice investor

Binary options are also called digital options since there are two possible outcomes for each trade. It involves speculating the price movement of underlying assets which can be anything like stocks, equities, gold or currency pairs etc. Since it is easily accessible through online trading platforms and has better risk/reward profile compared to other investments, it is the preferred trading ... Read More »

CFD Trading: A Definitive Guide

One of the new concepts that traders are exploring nowadays is CFD or Contract for Difference. CFDs function in a slightly different fashion than that of traditional share trading. CFDs are backed by different mechanism than that of regular share trading. So, can they really be considered to be a profitable trading opportunity? Let us find out in the course ... Read More »

Why Forex is Still a Viable Trading Option in 2016

2016 has already seen some volatile times in terms of investments and trading. From the rumored “Brexit” to changes in both American and European interest rates, some investors feel that it is best to adopt a watch-and-wait approach. However, this violates one of the most fundamental laws of trading. Short-term profits are much more realistic during fluid and volatile times ... Read More »

3 Top Tools to Help Pre-empt Forex Market Movements

The forex markets are highly unpredictable and can appear to change within an instant. To the uninitiated, such movements can seem entirely spontaneous, but this is not the case at all. In fact, unravelling the forex markets is closer to formulating a scientific rule of cause and effect than it is to being dealt a lucky hand of cards, which ... Read More »

3 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Invest in Forex

While the average daily trading volumes are always likely to fluctuate in any market, those in the foreign exchange remain relatively consistent. This market is also home to the highest level of daily trading activity, with an estimated $5 trillion exchanged over the course of a typical, 24-hour period. With daily trading volumes reaching regular peaks of $5.29 trillion, the ... Read More »