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5 Hacks for Saving on Homeowners Insurance

homeowners insurance

You did it! You found your dream home, you applied for and got a mortgage, you saved and had a decent down payment, and you bought your house. But don’t think your work as a homeowner is over. There are a lot of things you have to consider as a home owner that you’d never have to worry about as ... Read More »

6 Types of Car Insurance Coverage For All Drivers

Types of Car Insurance For Drivers

The following is a contribution from my blogging friend, Gary. Although buying auto insurance is mandatory in the United States, the process of getting a policy isn’t as straightforward as consumers would like. There are three different types of car insurance coverage: liability, comprehensive or collision and medical coverage for drivers. Below, we will discuss the differences between these types ... Read More »

Financial Responsibilities of the Young and Single


The following is a contribution from Natasha Cornelius at Quotacy. Are you young and single? You probably do not have too many responsibilities other than paying rent on time and working toward getting rid of those student loans. Fewer responsibilities mean you don’t have to think about life insurance, right? Well, you may be surprised. More single people than you ... Read More »

6 Ways to Save Money on Health Care Costs

save money

With the ever-changing health care coverage in today’s world, it’s more important than ever that we as citizens learn how to save money on health care costs. Rising prescription drug costs and higher co-pays in the medical world mean more money out of the pockets of most citizens. There are ways, however, that we as citizens can help minimize the ... Read More »

6 Simple Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Have you ever looked into how much you’re actually paying for car insurance? Sure, you probably know how much you pay into the insurance company each month but are you really saving money on it? If you don’t know the answer to either, then my suggestion is to start a budget now and also start comparing prices to see how you ... Read More »