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How to Celebrate Your Financial Milestones Frugally

Financial Milestone

I recently reached a financial milestone in my journey to be debt free– I paid off one of my credit cards! As excited as I was and as much as I wanted to celebrate my financial milestone, I wanted to make sure it was a frugal celebration so I wouldn’t be setting myself back in my progress. Similar to how ... Read More »

When Being Frugal is Cool


As a kid whenever my mom would use a coupon at the grocery store or make me wait until my favorite jeans were on sale, I was mortified. I didn’t want others to think we weren’t able to afford things, even when technically we couldn’t. Luckily for my childhood self, my parents never made us buy used clothing from garage sales ... Read More »

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Save Money

Save Money

The movement to “go green” has been a hot topic the past few years. Sometimes though, the eco-friendly choice isn’t always the most frugal or financially-friendly choice. For instance, eco-friendly or sustainably produced building materials are generally more costly upfront and it might take years before you see some return on your initial investment other than feeling good about “going ... Read More »

How to Shop Smart for Groceries


Grocery shopping is something that we all do, but how many of us truly enjoy it or are “smart” at doing it. Sure, we can drive to the grocery store and pick some food off the shelves for us and our families to eat, but what kind of deal are we getting? As we started our family and lived much ... Read More »

4 Cheap Alternatives to Cable


The price of cable is outrageous isn’t it? We have DirecTV, though on a lower plan. We have some friends who’re spending well over $100 per month, just for their cable alone and that doesn’t even include what they’re paying for their Internet and cell phone bills. If you want to trim some fat from your budget and are looking ... Read More »