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Some Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019


Although this year has been a pretty insane year for cryptocurrencies and no doubt 2018 will have a few surprises left in store, we already have our eyes set on 2019. Although not as eventful as the previous year, which saw heavy-hitters like Bitcoin and Ethereum skyrocket in value, prompting a global gold rush and quickly making cryptocurrencies one of ... Read More »

6 Advantages of CFD Trading for Financial Investors

CFD trading

Image: Pixabay.com Contracts for difference (CFDs) offer an increasingly attractive alternative to financial investors instead of physically investing in stocks, commodities, indices and bonds. A CFD is a derivative form of financial trading. Investors that wish to ?buy? or ?sell? a CFD place an order with a broker. This order is a binding contract to exchange the difference in the ... Read More »

Should Your Teenager Pay Their Own Summer Camp Fees?

Should your Teenager Pay Their Own Summer Camp Fees?

Remember that one time at band camp? Some of the best stories of our youth come from summer camp. There are a multitude of camps that range from day camps, to weekends and even month-long camps. The camps range from sports, to performing arts, to your everyday outdoor activity camps. The overly ambitious could send their child or teenager to ... Read More »

Donald Trump, Employment Figures, and Financial Freedom

Donald Trump, Employment Figures, and Financial Freedom

?To achieve what 1% of the world?s population has (Financial Freedom), you must be willing to do what only 1% dare to do…hard work and perseverance of highest order.? – Manoj Arora, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom. The concept of financial freedom is of vital importance to most of us. I don’t believe that anyone really enjoys being ... Read More »