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Debt Reduction and Elimination: Attitude Rules

debt reduction

As we expand on our series on Debt Reduction and Elimination (you can find part 1 here), the first thing we’re going to talk about is attitude.  John touched on this a little bit in the introductory post, but because attitude is so vitally important to the success of debt reduction and elimination, we’re including an entire post about it. ... Read More »

Debt Reduction and Elimination – Introduction

Debt Reduction

As many of you know, I recently bought Wise Dollar from Jose, who started the blog originally. As I was looking to buy the site one of the things I did was go through the existing posts to see what needed a little more love and light of day. That is where I discovered this post on debt reduction and ... Read More »

How to Pay Off Debt Quickly

Pay off Debt

Nobody likes being in debt, HUGE understatement I know. 🙂 If given the choice, we would all prefer to be able to pay for our purchases and never have to deal with the issue of owing other people money. Unfortunately that’s not always the case given the number of people who have had to pay off debt in their lifetimes, ... Read More »

My Mortgage Refinance Experience with Roundpoint Mortgage

Refinance Mortgage

Being immersed in the personal finance blog community over the last several months, I couldn’t help being exposed to the thought that now might be a good time to refinance my mortgage. It’s something I have studiously avoided in the past. It seems that as hard as I try, I can never get a true “no closing cost” loan and end up increasing the amount I ... Read More »

Become eco-friendly to enjoy a better and debt free life

Almost everyone wants to live a completely debt free life. Well, not everyone is able to see this day. But one thing that can be said for sure is that the green living community has always been capable and even managed to achieve a debt free life. This is only because of the fact that there have been continuous efforts ... Read More »