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The Wrong Way To Control Your Credit Card Spending

Credit card

The following is a contribution from Jerry over at Repaid.Org. If you’d like to contribute to Wise Dollar, please contact us.   From time to time I come across a question that needs to be answered. Recently, this question was posed over at my home blog, Repaid.org: Should I have my credit card limits lowered so I can avoid having high ... Read More »

Should You Be Afraid of Churning Credit Cards?

Churning credit cards

Churning credit cards is something people seem to either love or want to avoid at all costs. I get the apprehension, on many levels, as it’s playing with a tool that if used unwisely can lead to overspending and potentially debt. That makes total sense. However, for some there is a genuine fear of credit card churning. My wife has had ... Read More »

Want to Go to Hawaii for Free? Here’s How

Go to Hawaii

My wife and I have been thinking over our travel hacking plans for next year and are in the middle of discussing some exciting options. One place we keep coming back to (well, at least my wife does) is Hawaii. I wouldn’t mind going to Hawaii at some point, but I’ve got other places I want to see first. Seeing ... Read More »

How to Build Credit From Nothing

Build credit from nothing

Are you currently trying to build credit from nothing, but don’t know how? I have had a number of friends that thought they were doing the wise thing because they never fell into the temptation of getting a credit card and therefore never got into any debt. However, when the time came for them to buy a house, they ran ... Read More »

US Airways Mastercard Review: Get 40,000 Miles Now!

US Airways Mastercard

The US Airways Mastercard is quite possibly one of the easiest credit cards I have churned. Since I like to keep things simple, that’s saying a lot. Many credit cards require a certain amount to be spent in order to earn those fat sign-up bonuses. That’s not the case with the US Airways Mastercard. In fact, you only need to ... Read More »