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3 Ways to Save on Your Car Loan

car loan

Purchasing a new (or used) car is an exciting time, but it comes with some pretty serious financial decisions. While we would all like to be able to walk away with the fanciest car on the lot, real life gets in the way of those dreams. Instead, you need to make smart decisions and leave the dealership with a car ... Read More »

4 Ways to Stop Swiping Credit Cards So You Can Get Out of Debt

Credit Cards

One of the first pieces of advice you?ll likely run across when you are looking for help getting out of credit card debt?is to quit using your cards immediately. This is excellent advice and should be followed to a T. Some suggest cutting up your cards and canceling your accounts as ways to help you stop swiping plastic so you ... Read More »

5 Hidden Benefits of Credit Cards

Credit Card

Credit cards can be a valuable financial tool – when they?re used properly. As long as you don?t abuse the credit line that you have been extended, and make sure you use your card in a responsible fashion, you can enjoy many benefits that credit cards have to offer. By simply only buying things you can afford to purchase, and ... Read More »

The Wrong Way To Control Your Credit Card Spending

Credit card

The following is a contribution from Jerry over at Repaid.Org. If you’d like to contribute to Wise Dollar, please?contact us.   From time to time I come across a question that needs to be answered. Recently, this question was posed over at my home blog, Repaid.org: Should I have my credit card limits lowered so I can avoid having high ... Read More »

Should You Be Afraid of Churning Credit Cards?

Churning credit cards

Churning?credit cards is something people seem to either love or want to avoid at all costs. I get the apprehension, on many levels, as it?s playing with a tool that if used unwisely can lead to overspending and potentially debt. That makes total sense. However, for some there is a genuine fear of credit card churning. My wife has had ... Read More »