Best Peer to Peer Travel Platforms to Save Money

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Do you want to travel the world at one-fourth of the price that regular travelers pay?

Peer to peer travel is a new way to travel without having to pay full price on hotels, food, travel, and experiences. Peer to peer travel has literally opened the door for millions of backpackers to new countries that they could never afford to visit. It’s time you checked out some of these apps and websites that will let you travel for cheap as well.

Following are the best peer to peer travel platforms to save money.

1. EatWith

EatWith lets you dine out without having to pay hundreds of dollars for overpriced restaurant food. With EatWith, people can invite foodies in their home and share a home-cooked meal for a nominal price. EatWith is a peer to peer travel platform that takes 15 percent of every transaction but lets you have a fun and exciting meal for one-fourth of its actual price.

2. MeetnGreetMe

This is the best peer to peer travel platform that allows you to find a personal concierge anywhere in the world. Now you can find a travel partner or a personal guide who will take care of your basic needs when you travel. The personal concierge can be anyone from a local guide to a personal bodyguard. There are countries in South America where this service is extensively used as it is dangerous to roam around solo.

3. BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is a peer to peer travel app that connects you with drivers who have empty seats in their car. All you have to do is type in the destination and the app recommends several cars heading that way. You get to share your ride with other locals and also get to have interesting conversations with them. Before booking a BlaBlaCar you can read reviews written by previous passengers and choose the car that suits your needs. BlaBlaCar is great when you have to travel from one city to another. For instance, Madrid to Barcelona or Paris to Sceaux.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb is also known as the Uber of the accommodation industry.  Like Uber, you can book houses or rooms from local owners for nominal prices. You can find everything from expensive castles to cheap dorm rooms on their app. To book a room, you have to contact the owner a few days prior to your trip and your room will be ready when you arrive. The fact that you can save truckloads of money in accommodation is the reason why Airbnb is on my best peer to peer travel platforms list.

5. Couchsurfing


Couchsurfing is the best accommodation option for frugal travelers who want to stay for free of cost. This is probably the only app that lets you spend days or even weeks at a locals house for totally free. It connects you to the locals wherever you go. You can stay at a locals house and invite them to yours the next time they are in your city. This is how you can get good reviews and continue to travel for free, indefinitely.


The apps and websites mentioned above will allow you to travel around the globe even if you are broke or have very less money. Keep in mind that there are some downsides to using these apps and you should always keep safety and security your number one priority.

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