5 Ways to Avoid Side Hustle Burn Out

5 Ways to Avoid Side Hustle Burn Out

5 Ways to Avoid Side Hustle Burn OutIn today?s society more people are picking up a side hustle to earn extra money and make ends meet.

Side hustles of choice can range from freelance work to producing hand made goods and selling them, or even getting a part-time job on the weekends. For some a side hustle is a creative outlet. For others it?s a pathway to starting their own business or an extra source of income when needed.

While the rewards of a side hustle can be many, the actual work put in to the side hustle can be taxing. What once was a way to relax has now become a source of stress. When you fear side hustle?burn out, keep these five things in mind.

Pace Yourself

Remember, a side hustle is something you are doing on top of your main employment. You don?t necessarily have to do this, you chose to do this to earn extra money. When you start feeling burn out approaching,?space out your work and pace yourself. The extra money you are earning is not worth feeling burn out.

Take a Mini-Vacay from Hustling

Whether it?s a personal day or an actual vacation, make sure you give yourself time to be you. All work and no play makes for a lousy day. Take a break from your side hustle if needed. Give yourself time to recharge and reenergize. Put time back into your family or a hobby that’s not part of your side hustle.

Balance Your Work and Your Side Hustle

If you work 40 hours or more at your job and several more hours on your hustle, that leaves you with barely any time for other things in life. If your side hustle is taking over your life, it might be time to consider where your true passion lies. This may mean scaling back on your side hustle, or taking it full-time and quitting your day job if your finances can handle it.


If you have a large amount of work for your side hustle that you never seem to keep up with, outsource some of it if you can. Paying someone for a few hours to help lighten your load to get you refocused and reorganized will provide you with more time. You might even find that you can earn more with a side business when you start outsourcing work to other people.

Learn to Say No

If you don?t want to pursue your side hustle full-time but work keeps flowing in, limit the amount of side hustling you are going to do by learning to say no. Finish the work you already committed to and then only take a certain number of projects on at one time. Another way to limit your work is to set an income minimum. Any projects that won’t pay enough to meet your minimum are the ones you’ll say no to.

Side hustles can be a great way to provide additional income. But, if you aren’t careful, they can also turn into projects of loathing. By setting yourself some guidelines and knowing your limitations, you can?avoid burn out. Take care of yourself first, because without you, you can?t hustle.


What do you do to keep from burning out on your side hustle? Have you ever experience side hustle burn out?


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  1. This is great because you really need to stick with it. I’ve seen so many people who are always starting new things but they don’t give it the time to really be successful. Most good things take time to work out.

    • Kayla Sloan says:

      Yes – this is what I find myself saying to people a LOT lately. You can’t just do something once or twice and expect amazing results. You have to do it over and over. This applies to things like side hustles to make money as well as things like your health with working out and such.

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