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5 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money Anyone Can Do

Make Extra Money

Don?t make the mistake of thinking that only people with specialized skills or advanced degrees can make extra money ? when in fact, anyone with motivation and the right work ethic can find ways to put some extra cash in their pockets. While you might not get rich while employing any of the strategies below, they can make it a ... Read More »

6 Bills You Can Easily Cut Today


Everybody would love to get rid of their bills. In fact, it would be ideal to get rid of all of your bills ? but that just isn?t going to happen. What you can do, however, is reduce the number of bills you have to pay each month in order to lessen the total expenses that you carry. Even by ... Read More »

6 Ways to Save Money When You?re Flat Broke

Save Money

Most people, at some point in their lives, will go through some financial trouble. It is nothing to be embarrassed about ? it is just a fact of life that at some point you just might be flat broke. When you find yourself facing a situation where you don?t have enough money coming in to meet your bills on time ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Spend More

Spend more

When you are trying to save money and keep your budget under control as tightly as possible, it would seem the last thing you would want to do is spend more money than you have to on an item. Most thrifty shoppers just look around for the lowest possible price on what it is they want to purchase. However, if ... Read More »

3 Staycation Ideas That Don?t Suck


In recent years, the idea of a ?staycation? is one that has gained more and more popularity. The concept is simple ? instead of taking time off work and heading out of town for a few days, you take that time off and then stay home while doing fun things near where you live. This allows you to save money ... Read More »