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Military Cost Cutters App Review- Money-Saving App for Veterans

Due to health conditions like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and Anxiety disorder, many war veterans in the United States are going through a tough time. Not to mention, other post-war symptoms like disability, substance abuse and weakening of relationships.

Nine percent of the overall veteran population in the U.S is homeless, says a report by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. Military Cost Cutters is an app that connects veteran-owned businesses and customers with a military background and vice versa.

About the Creator of Military Cost Cutters

This app was created in the year 2012 by a Marine Corps veteran Aaron Serrano. Erin is based in Davenport, Iowa and wishes to do his best to help out his brother and sisters who need some financial assistance. He created this app with the sole purpose to improve the sales of military-friendly businesses by connecting them with ex-soldiers in the same region.

How Does the Military Cost Cutters App Work?

military app

To start making a truckload of savings this year, sign up with the Military Cost Cutter by clicking on the Sign-up button at the top of the screen, refer to the image above. It takes about 30 seconds to fill out all your information. Don?t worry, they won?t be asking you any sensitive or personal information. Just your name, location, and phone number. Next, download the free smartphone app from the relevant marketplace. It?s available for both Android and iOS devices.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, you now can move to the important part. To find the best deals in the town, enter your city name or let the GPS locate you. You will get lost of all military friendly businesses offering you services that you queried for. Next, when checking out, you do need to verify your identity by scanning your ID card. Make sure you capture the headshot. That?s it. Now you can visit the store and claim your discounted products/services.

What I Like About Military Cost Cutters App

For a war veteran, it is essential that they are respected and adored everywhere they go. It is rare for people to recognize the work that soldiers do. Hence, visiting a military-friendly business makes a war veteran feel like home.

Secondly, there are several merchants offering massive discounts for war veterans but there is no way to find out which merchant to visit. Usually, vets are forced to ask the merchants for a discount. Which can be a bit embarrassing. This app solves this particular problem. 

What I Don’t Like About Military Cost Cutters App

There?s not much to dislike about this app but they do not have discount stores in the Southern part of the country. Most of the discount stores seem to be present in the Northern US. Also, some veterans face problems while creating accounts. The app doesn?t pick up its exact location via GPS.

My Recommendation

I recommend Military Cost Cutters App to army veterans who wish to save some money on groceries, clothes, and necessary things of daily living. Depending on the product or service you are looking for, you can expect discounts of up to 50 percent.


Military Cost Cutters App is completely free. You can download the Android app by clicking here and the iOS app by clicking here.

LoungeBuddy App Review- Save Money on Airport Lounge

loungebuddy app

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you have a few hours of layover at the airport? 

Most travelers do not think that in-transit accommodation is as important as picking the right hotel or a hostel. International airports are almost always busy and crowded with passengers and their family members. It is not a place where you would want to spend a few hours while switching from one flight to another. This is where airport lounges come in the picture. An airport lounge is a place where you can relax, have some food, get some work done, take a warm shower, etc. LoungeBuddy helps you find the most affordable lounge.?

loungebuddy app

About the Creator of LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy is a San Fransisco-based travel startup now acquired by American Express. In 2019, LoungeBuddy was American Express?s second acquisition. This company was founded in the year 2013 by Brent Griffith, Tyler Dikman, and Zac Altman.

How Does the LoungeBuddy App Work?

There used to be a time when airport lounges were meant only for the business class travelers. Only the ones who are willing to spend top dollar were given access to this area. However, since it?s the arrival in the market, LoungeBuddy has changed the dynamics of airport lounges. Now anybody can download the LoungeBuddy app and get access to an airport lounge by paying a small one time fee. 

LoungeBuddy has also introduced Single Use Lounge Pass for those who do not travel very often and headed out for a single return trip. To find an airport lounge, you need to search for the airport you are planning to layover at. You can also search for your departure airport if you have reached the airport early. LoungeBuddy will show you a list of Lounges. Pick anyone and make the payment.?

Next, when you arrive at the airport, locate the relevant airport lounge with the help of an airport staff member. Once you reach the lounge, tap open the LoungeBuddy app and open the QR code provided to you after the purchase. Show it to the front desk staff and enter the lounge without paying anything additionally. You can enjoy all the premium amenities like shower, washrooms, a comfortable seat, etc.  

What I Like About LoungeBuddy App 

I like that most airport lounges listed under LoungeBuddy have the facility to of Flight Monitors. Once you enter the lounge, you don?t have to worry about keeping an eye on your flight timings. The staff members at the lounge will notify you well before the flight arrives. 

What I Don’t Like About LoungeBuddy App 

The fee you pay to LoungeBuddy does not include food or a private room. The app only gets me in. I have to pay for food, coffee, and other pleasantries. This is the only downside of this app. 

My Recommendation

I recommend this app to business travelers and digital nomads who travel on a regular basis. Even a one-time traveler can purchase Single Use Pass for a few bucks. 


The lowest price for airport lounge access worldwide is $25. Unfortunately, the LoungeBuddy app is only available for iOS devices. Android phone uses can use the web version of LoungeBuddy.

How to Stop Binge Eating and Save Money


When was the last time you had food just to satisfy your tastebuds and not your hunger?

According to NIH, anyone who eats a large amount of food within a short period of time and does it at least once a week can be identified as a binge eater. Binge eating is not just a bad habit you need to get rid off but it is a serious disorder.?

Once a person begins to binge eat, he or she is more likely to do it again in several different scenarios. Most people binge eat to get rid of the bad feeling like guilt, negativity, fatigue, loss of a loved one, so on and so forth. Let?s have a look at a few ways you can stop binge eating and save some money.


Here Are the 5 Ways to Stop Binge Eating Without Relapsing Ever Again

1) Do No Consume Sugar

If you cannot stop binge eating even after trying everything, it might be wise to take an indirect approach. Stop consuming sugar and food items that contain added sugar. Sugar makes you feel full for a while. After the initial rush is gone, most people resort to binge eating. In other words, sugar creates a void in your system which causes you to binge eat.

2) Find Healthy Alternatives

The next time you feel like numbing your emotions with tasty food, make sure you have a healthy alternative to curb the cravings. Going for a quick walk can help. Divert your attention towards your body instead. Having a bottle of sugar-free yogurt or eating a bowl of healthy salad could also work. If the situation gets out of control, call up a friend or your therapist immediately.

3) Do Not Hide Your Habit

Do not make binge eating a thing that only you know about. Make sure you share your feeling with your loved ones. Often times, emotional support can solve problems that no other remedy can. Moreover, by keeping this a secret, there is a likelihood of the situation escalating even further.

4) Meditate Before You Eat

If you binge eat once or twice a week and wish to not do it again ever, it would help if you could dissociate food with whatever problems you have in your life. To break the pattern, you should consider mediating at least five minutes before dinner. Meditation will give you the space to think and process your inner unconscious urges.

5) Be Aware of Your Environment 

It?s possible that the environment you spend most of the day may be triggering you to eat more. If there is a cafeteria near your workplace? Do you work from home? Either way, make sure you stay away from the smell and sight of food. If you work from home, it would help immensely if you can sit in a room with the door closed. So, even if someone in the other room is cooking food, you would get triggered. 


You may not realize but this condition is also causing you to spend more money than you otherwise would. It is hard to find a binge eater who prefers healthy food. Most often they binge on oily and buttery food which is both unhealthy and expensive. Hence, it is advised to follow the above-mentioned tips.

How to Break a Bad Habit Quickly

bad habits

Why it is so important to get rid of a bad habit? 

A bad habit like smoking, excessive drinking, physical inactivity, negative thinking, etc can lead to more serious problems then you think. According to a report by NewsMax, 70 percent of the American population has at least one bad habit that could shorten their lives to a great extent. We all know that smoking tobacco is harmful to health but you will be surprised to learn that Sleep Deprivation has even more adverse effects than that.?

bad habits

What Are Easy Ways to Break a Bad Habit Quickly?

1) Replace It With a Good Habit 

This is the easiest way to get rid of a bad habit. A bad habit is nothing but a quick fix. People try to fill the inner void with as sorts of illegal drugs and also with legal items like food, movies, toxic people, etc. Hence, instead of filling the inner void with something negative, replace it with good things like exercise, a clean diet, positive and successful friends, etc.

2) Use the Power of Accountability

If you find yourself relapsing and going back to your old habits, make sure you have someone to keep a watchful eye on you. Share the details about your bad habit with your friend or a sibling and ask them for help. In short, you need to ask them to be your accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who will see that you do what you promised to get done. 

3) Be Honest With Yourself

Every addict knows where they are screwing up. But most of them fail to acknowledge the fact that they have a problem. It is very easy to ignore the problems in your life and continue to live as everything is fine. This is why you need to be honest with yourself. Accept that you have a bad habit.

4) Associate Pleasure With Pain

There is a reason you go back to your old habit. Even after promising not to relapse, something drags you back to it. Before you can get rid of a habit, it is imperative that you understand how addiction works. You are attached to your old habit because it gives you some sort of pleasure. What you need to do is learn to associate it to pain. For instance, consider doing five push-ups every time you feel like smoking.

5) Recognize the Patterns

All habits–whether good or bad–function in patterns. Your job is to recognize them so you can break the chain that leads you to your bad habit. For instance, if you are binge eater, it would benefit if you can identify the exact time of the day when you feel like overeating. Are you overeating during the day or you feel like eating a lot during and after lunch?

Is It Really Easy to Get Rid of a Bad Habit?

Honestly, no. It is not easy to get rid of a bad habit. Especially, when it an old one. It takes time for you to form a habit. Habit always gets formed with repetition. Hence, to get rid of, you need to re-program your mind–which takes significant time and effort.

Meet the Steve Jobs of the Personal Finance Industry: Suze Orman

Steve Jobs

In the world full of websites, YouTube channels, and Instagrammers, it is difficult to find a legitimate personal finance guru. These days every other person is claiming to be a guru of their domain. But how do you verify their credentials? 

As far as personal finance and financial advice are concerned, you cannot take any chances. Make one bad decision and you will have to regret it for a long time. This is where Suze Orman comes in.?

Along with others like Rober Kiyosaki, David Bach, Barbara Corcoran, Dave Ramsey, and Ali Velshi, Suze Orman is one of the most trusted financial gurus. In this post, you will learn a bit about her background and three of her best tips on managing your money.

Who Is Suze Orman?

Suze is originally from Chicago and was born in the year 1951. His mother worked as secretary to a Rabbi, whereas her Romanian father was an employee in a chicken factory. Even after coming from such a modest family, Suze had high aspirations and hence went on to finish her education from the University of Illinois. 

Suze Orman?s Contributions to the Personal Finance Industry

Suze Orman is one of the most renowned authors in the personal finance industry. With ten consecutive New York Times bestselling books she is one the most reputed people in the industry. Currently, she runs her company Suze Orman Financial Group. They offer financial services to businesses and individuals all over the nation.?

Furthermore, she also has her own show called The Suze Orman Show on CNBC. The show was quite successful and still considered one of the best. 

Top 3 Personal Finance Tips From Suze Orman

1) Always Track Your Finances  

Most people do not see the value in keeping track of all their assets and liabilities. They continue to live their life as it comes. Instead of reacting to the money problems as they arrive, Suze recommends keeping a track of all your finances so you can see things coming way before it arrives. This way you can be more prepared. Make a list of all your debts, retirement plans, daily expenses, etc and categorize them either as a fixed expense or variable expense.

2) Keep an Eye on Your Credit Score

A credit score is a statistical number based on your credit history. A credit score is a key determinant of your creditworthiness. Lenders, landlords, credit card issues, etc will look up your credit score every time you wish to do business with them. 

3) Save Money Each Month No Matter What

According to Suze, most people only save money when they have a positive balance at the end of the month. At other times, they simply accept the fact that there is no money and move on. This has to change. How can I save at the end of the month if all the money I earn gets spent??

You can do that by lowering your standard of living. This does not mean eating low-quality food and wearing cheap clothes but you have to put a halt to purchasing needles and leisurely items.