The Wise Dollars Favorite April Blog Posts

April Blog Posts

April Blog PostsSo here we are at the beginning of May, it seems like the year is flying by. I’m getting comfortable with my new job and although I’m still in learning mode, I feel more and more at home with it every day. I still don’t have as much time as I would like to focus on my blog, but I have to prioritize my time, and the job has top priority for now! So without too much further ado, here’s my collection of?favorite?blog posts for the latter half of April.

Latter April Favorite blog Posts

This?Really Quick Pad Thai with Shrimp or Chicken This comes from Maggie at Square Pennies. I love Pad Thai and this simple recipe is too good to pass up! Did I ever mention that being a low carb dieter sucks when all of you fellow bloggers keep putting up these delicious, carb rich, recipes? Keep them coming please!

From From Luke1428 comes Help! How in the World Do You Find Time to Blog??. Yes!!!!! I have the same problem and I need help too! Does anyone have any advice on this?

Fearless men brings us?How To Tie a Necktie | Be A Man of Style?Every man, whether young or old should know how to tie a neck tie (except for a bow-tie, I’ll take my “man-pass” on that one)! My personal favorite is the half-Windsor, it’s perfectly?symmetrical?and not too bulky. 2x in a row!

Mr Money Bulldog wrote about?THE POTENTIAL DANGERS OF STOP LOSS ORDERS. He highlights an important, but often overlooked fact. Stop Loss orders have an inherent risk in using them. I am a big fan of them and use them as part of my investing strategy. I’m willing to accept that risk because I understand it. If you don’t understand the risks behind a stop loss order then this is a must read.

If you’re still using a full service stock broker then you need to read this post from John at Frugal Rules?Confessions From a Stock Broker ? My Little Green Book. Incidentally, why are you still using a full service Stock broker? You probably know more than they do! (Sorry John).

Read about Paulines Holiday Plans,?Complicated European holiday arrangements, don’t forget to wish her a great and safe time.

I?couldn’t?agree with Jacob at I Heart Budgets more! He tells us how to approach buying a not so new car in?Need A New (To You) Car??Buying a new car is, in my opinion, throwing money out the window. Let someone else take that 20-25% hit by driving it off the lot!

Trent from The simple Dollar brings us?Five Free Tools I Use to Organize My Life?I use two of them myself, Evernote and Dropbox have become staples in my diet of self-organization. If you find yourself challenged for time and organizationally challenged, this post might have some good tools to help you.

How I Quit My Day Job is a good post from Tony at We Only Do This Once. Anyone interested in financial independence and pursuing a lifestyle of doing what they ?want? to do and not what they ?have? to do should read this. Tony explains how he did it and the steps he took to get there. This lines up with my goals quite nicely. I read this a few times just to make sure I didn?t miss anything!

Buying in bulk has the potential to save money. Space and storgage probably keep many of us from taking advantage of this. Harry Campbell writes this guest post on You Personal Finance Pro giving us good advice on 5 Ways to Make Buying in Bulk Work For Regular People.

Wise Dollar Mentions – Thanks!

Thanks to everyone that gave the Wise Dollar a mention in the latter half of April. Please let me me know if I missed anyone,


Here’s an anti-frugal tidbit. I figure that with all f the frugal and money sasving articles we’re exposed to on a daily basis, a little bit of “splurge” might be in order! So, just in case you get bored with saving money and feel the need to splurge (or at least think about it), here’s the splurge of the month.

John Deere, $15,000 Lawn Mower, seriously. $15,000 for a riding mower.?John Deere X758 Signature Riding Mower?For that price it should have a cab, air conditioning, a surround sound system and a 24 inch TV! What were they thinking!


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  1. Looks like a great list, Jose! I especially enjoyed Tony’s post this week. I didn’t even click on the lawn mower link, though. Don’t want to give hubby any ideas, LOL 🙂

    • John says:

      Nah, don’t click onit. That would be a baaaad idea lol. I think it’s kind of ridiculous myself. For that price you should be getting a compact tractor that can do a lot more than just cut grass!

  2. Glad to hear that the new job is going well Jose. Thanks for the mention as well. One thing you might’ve missed though – I was not at a full service broker, but an online broker. May not seem like a difference, but it is a big one. 🙂 They think they’re on the same par as a full service broker, but they really aren’t. That said, I personally would not use a full service broker as it’s not worth the costs and would rather manage my own investments.

    • John says:

      John, thanks for pointing that out. To be honest, i was never to impressed with full service brokers. I had to use them when I worked on Wall st and what I found was that few of them had finance backgrounds. Most of them were skilled sales people and not financial analyst.

  3. If only time wasn’t an obstacle hey Jose!! Glad things are going well for you and thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it.

    • John says:

      No problem, I have a tendency to fall behind on my reading but catch up in bursts. There’s always a good read from the bulldog!

  4. Wow, I thought our John Deere was expensive at $1100, but that must be some lawn tractor. Does it have granite counter tops and air conditioning?

  5. Thanks for the mention Jose! Since I wrote that post, I’ve been concentrating more on weekend writing which a couple of people suggested. It has really helped free up the weekdays to read and comment on other blogs. I have felt less stress also.

    • John says:

      I might have to try that, put a few posts in the bank over the weekend and then finalize and post them during the week, It sounds like it mght be helpful, I’m all over the map right now when it comes to writing.

  6. Thank you for the mention! Great reads, here.

  7. Thanks Jose! Appreciate the mention 🙂

  8. Great list! I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Good list. I hope you are enjoying your new job

  10. […] another note I?d like to say a big thank you to Reach Financial Independence, Wise Dollar, Frugal Rules?& Frugal Farmer for mentioning Money Bulldog […]

  11. Glad to hear about the updates Jose. Now I have to go out and get this new mower. What a cheap price ;). I bet many will buy it just because.

  12. That would be one heck of a splurge although I’d have to have the property to go with it so I’d have to sell my house to get a house on bigger land making it an even bigger splurge lol… Cheers mate

    • John says:

      That would be a good case of one splurge leading to another. If you follow that chain you’ll end up with a million dollar house and a nice fat debt to boot 🙂

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